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  1. I wish they would take julio out on red zone plays. Matt ryan keys in on him too much and I think that's the major problem. That and he didnt have alot ot time. I think it's mostly ryan but j also think coaches are saying throw it to Jones.
  2. I watched the game twice. Big reasons we lost. #1 - O line was bullied. #2 - We had like 4 or 5 drops. #3 - offensive playcalling, especially in red zone was kinda bad #4 - Matt Ryan's throws were off. Probably due to #1. Defense was fine. Hard to play perfect with all the minor and Neal's major injuries.
  3. Falcons over browns. Browns are going far this year.
  4. Mostly curious, Alford has been better then Trufant, but Oliver and Trufant outside and Alford NB scary deal. just was curious for room to sign a DT.
  5. Investing heavily into defense with the draft. I love it. I like young fresh defense. I think first three rounds will be dline. Our dbacks are good. Okay at linebacker. We just got that guard so we only really need a wr and a te. Don't forget about garland either he is depth on dline. Maybe strictly that now. Dline 3 of first 4 picks. Maybe trade down for extra picks we are good.