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  1. Nope. Vic played real soft and was hard to watch, if that helps.
  2. We had alot of mistakes but this game was a really funny one, and at work we do picks 2 teams per conference to go to the superbowl, my picks were Vikings or Falcons for the NFC. so to me we lost to the best team in the NFC and while the score looked real bad, it really wasn't that bad of a loss in my opinion.
  3. It looks like its wussing out to the broncos there...
  4. Everyone is talking about just catching balls. Sanu is one of the better WR blockers in the league and we have used alot of blocking from our receivers. Sanu will be very hard to replace.
  5. Imo you go oline. And Then DEFENSE and then qb te rb and wr is last. That's just me though. We got alot of money into wr. Oh well.
  6. We got alot of yards and their defense got off the field alot...
  7. I said yards dont really matted. How many points did they have at half time?
  8. Yards to me does not mean a whole lot. Points matters alot and no. Only the saints and Patriots scored alot on us after he took over. And Patriots was more because we wouldnt run the ball for some reason and our Oline was shredded with injuries in that final game.
  9. All depends on Beasley. But I believe DQ utilizes him much better.
  10. We will be trading up for either a lb or CB.
  11. Take just the games DQ took over in 2016. How was our defense then? I would have liked to upgrade our defense too but I absolutely love the first round.
  12. That's weird. I always thought we played with more than 2 offensive linemen and more than 2 defensive linemen. Who knew?
  13. navigating through anthems menu's is a mess, but once you are playing its pretty good, i'd say a mix between destiny and warframe play.