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  1. I personally don't see the super love for poole, dude hits hard but gets beat more often than not...
  2. except they are near each other, i only give brady a slight edge. Matt Ryan has never had a Defense that Brady has on any of the superbowl teams. Ryan's best oline is also the superbowl season in which mack played on a broken leg and we lost a tackle in the game.
  3. dude those articles just moreover prove its more belicheck then brady. you must dream about being on your knees in front of brady every night.
  4. you realize most of the 28-3 comeback came from the running back catching dump off passes when the defense was gassed. Edelman got a great catch off a tip on a really bad pass? Brady makes a comeback against the rams... OMG OMG OMG you realize matt wasnt afforded audibles with shanny and shanny ran what 5 times in the second half with the lead? get off bradys nuts, is he a great QB? Yeah is he the goat? not even close and no 5 superbowl rings doesnt mean that he is, that means management has been sharp and on point with personnel. They've always had a good defense and good oline, thats how you win superbowls but everyone thinks its the QB. Brady goes out for a year patriots go from playoff team to just missing the playoffs with a 10-6 record. Peyton Manning out for a year with colts and what was it? 4-12 or something?
  5. Pretty sure we lost this because of poor oline play and receivers not catching the balls. But whatever it's not execution.. .
  6. I really hope he takes a pay cut or gets traded we moved the ball better when he wasn't on the field...
  7. Oh my... wut?
  8. Yes you are right sorry. Our season ended the week before with the ball going through julios hands...
  9. Julio had drops this game. So did ridley. Every coach even belichick and Payton have made mistakes. Look at all the top teams. Continuation in the staffing. Saints had a couple back to back poor seasons and they didnt gove up their coach and now look at them.
  10. 1st season 8 and 8. Second season super bowl. Third season NFC championship. Now this season and you want it gone.
  11. Why dont we talk about what happened today. Drops by receivers, oline and dline were all bad. Few bad weird calls but overall ok. Ridley tho man gotta catch that. We will be ok next year. Injuries were just too much.
  12. It is painful being a Falcons fan. Things like this happen to every team every now and again. We are hurt bad though and the browns aren't nearly as bad as everyone says. Their potential is high they have some high calibre players over there. The worst thing about being a falcons fan is most of the fanbase is toxic. I keep reading these boards over the years but It just makes me feel worse because there is so many ignorant and toxic people on these boards.
  13. You realize they pay him through his company right? They have a loophole and are abusing it. Matty Ice doesn't cheat.
  14. While I'm more than ready to move on from free this is a pretty poor post. That aside money matt Bryant is a beast.