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  1. It is painful being a Falcons fan. Things like this happen to every team every now and again. We are hurt bad though and the browns aren't nearly as bad as everyone says. Their potential is high they have some high calibre players over there. The worst thing about being a falcons fan is most of the fanbase is toxic. I keep reading these boards over the years but It just makes me feel worse because there is so many ignorant and toxic people on these boards.
  2. You realize they pay him through his company right? They have a loophole and are abusing it. Matty Ice doesn't cheat.
  3. While I'm more than ready to move on from free this is a pretty poor post. That aside money matt Bryant is a beast.
  4. If Alabama can never produce a good nfl qb then Atlanta cant produce s super bowl win
  5. There has been teams to tie and they lose out even on getting started on the tie breaking procedure. The colts needed 2 plays to win he game or they could punt and tie. I would go for the win every time. Really imo it's silly not to when wins are that hard to come by.
  6. A tie is pretty much a loss in this league. A win is that much better. I would go for it in that situation too.
  7. Slants are quick throws and if ran too often become pick 6's. You are right all 4 would not be read properly often but the QB does not have time to read all 4 as it is a quick play. Too often pick 6s. Just enough = lots of yards and TDs. My opinion anyways.
  8. Jones and neal normally get the ribs. Anyone know where they went?
  9. Keep going bro. You sound really intelligent.
  10. So we lose to a healthy team that almost went to the nfccg in overtime and we aren't that good? Sounds right....
  11. Our offense is clicking. If we can hold out until takk and debo are back we will make the playoffs.
  12. Yeah. Good thing our offense is clicking. We will need them until takk and debo get back. Can be a long season but we are still in it.
  13. Losing like that sucks. But too many injuries. Injuries everywhere...
  14. I wish they would take julio out on red zone plays. Matt ryan keys in on him too much and I think that's the major problem. That and he didnt have alot ot time. I think it's mostly ryan but j also think coaches are saying throw it to Jones.
  15. I watched the game twice. Big reasons we lost. #1 - O line was bullied. #2 - We had like 4 or 5 drops. #3 - offensive playcalling, especially in red zone was kinda bad #4 - Matt Ryan's throws were off. Probably due to #1. Defense was fine. Hard to play perfect with all the minor and Neal's major injuries.