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  1. Immigrants>Americans How can you complain about a soccer manager but not basketball coach? I mean really has phil jackson ever shot a clutch shot in game 7?
  2. Basketball was more than likely inspired by soccer, and americans play soccer too. Basketball is faarr from the only sport completely made in America; have you ever heard of a popular sport called lacrosse?
  3. That is a side effect of the drug generation. A black woman, who goes for a "messy" look, automatically get labled as looking as a drug fiend. If a white woman goes to pull off the same look she gets called "Punk"
  4. Actually Basketball was made by a Canadian...so it isnt our homemade sport. And if you are talking about Ronaldo, then you would be wrong. He likes the tranny, but he is not the biggest star in the sport anymore.
  5. I bet if she fried her hair, the way black women in this nation feel compelled to do, you would find her attractive. -_-
  6. Homophobia isnt becoming lad...You sure you have not had a wee drink this morning?
  7. Im sorry her african hair isnt pretty to your eurocentric eyes mate.
  8. Actually shes habesha and thats her real hair.
  9. That picture is obviously an old one from a few years ago. Lebron of today is flabby and sick...trying to playa hate on my shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :unsure:
  10. Was that picture suppose to prove me wrong? Look at them wide shoulders....Fat ^^Ghanaian commentator started dancing on english tv
  11. You care enough to be in here crying about your "Best" athletes not playing. Im sure you all would be better with fatties like Lebron and Warren sapp taking the pitch.
  12. An African celebrating the end of your cup son....You can post that picture forever and I will be
  13. If I was there I probably wouldnt be discriminated against for being black
  14. I agree certain people should be put down, but killing them, and not what causes them to be insane SOB's wont solve anything.
  15. Yankie doodles went to town Riding on a landy Gave the shots and dived a lot and blamed it on an 'otty G H A N A I say G H A N A G H A N A And Ghana was its name 'o
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