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  1. Zeppelin was the greatest cover band ever. John Lennon was considered great because he died young. Same with Cobain.
  2. And Trent dilfer is a super bowl winning QB. A great song isn’t defined by its status on the charts.
  3. This part right here. It’s the standing on shoulders part that is the thing. It’s never good to try to compare things of today to things of the past. Reminds me of an argument people at my old job used to have about Janet Jackson or Beyoncé.
  4. I viewed it as paying them because it was their (USgovt) fault they were put in harms way, and there fault for not protecting them?
  5. I agree that the country has turned pretty quick on GA. That being said saying there would be no 3rd stimmy check is unknowable. And given how the put in a income cutoff that was way more abrupt than the others, the last stimmy check wasn’t really that good for some. I hate trump as much as the next guy, but I got more stimmy money from him than I did Biden.
  6. Agreed. Had this same thought when someone was trashing Georgia for that nut job shooter a few weeks ago.
  7. Trickle down has been around forever. It used to be called horse and sparrow economics. The idea being you let the horse gorge on oats, and the will inevitably crap out some whole oats that the sparrow can then pick through and eat.
  8. Speaking of gender reveals. Went to my niece’s drive by gender reveal early last summer. The plan was to give every car one of those smoke cannons to point out the window. The fact that the logistics don’t make sense is irrelevant. So the car in front of us had the husband driving, wife in the passenger seat, and two young kids in the back. So the husband handed it to one of the kids in the back, and the kid apparently twisted it, the cannon shoots off straight into the dads face and fills the car with blue dust. Dad stumbles out of the car, face covered in blue dust, and simultaneously ruini
  9. As someone mentioned before in regards to showing the daughters boyfriend a gun. I would be p*ssed if someone did that to my sons, so I won’t do that to my daughters boyfriends. Hopefully they will make decent choices in that department. That being said, this did happen with my oldest daughters boyfriend/ex boy friend. It was about 2am, and I was taking out the trash because it was garbage day the next day. So I open the door and am just standing there for a second, and the boyfriend is at her car trying to put a mix cd in her car for her. He sees me and gets frightened and drives off. He was
  10. Pops was released from the hospital on Saturday into palliative care staying at my house. He spent a total of 45 days in the hospital and lost 20% of his body weight. He can’t walk without help, and even then can only go about 4 steps. It’s hard not to feel like the hospital ruined his life.
  11. He is, when his heart is in the game. I saw quite a few times, where Debo looked like he’d rather be somewhere else during the game. Foye comes to work every play.
  12. If I had to choose between Jones and Foye, I’d probably pick Foye. He plays hard every play, and is smarter.
  13. The thing I don’t understand about the pay equity argument is we know that employers could generally give no f*cks about their employees. So if they had the chance to pay less, they would. Older workers should agree, as that is seen by letting go of older workers so they can hire younger ones for cheaper. And in regards to women’s soccer, does it bring in equal revenue to that of men’s soccer?
  14. Sorry if already posted, I didn’t see it though https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31089541/san-francisco-49ers-sign-pro-bowl-center-alex-mack-3-year-deal
  15. Or each ten gets a FG attempt from the 25, and if they are tied after that, move it back 5 yards, and just keep progressing backwards 5 yards each round.
  16. Update on pops. He is still in the hospital. Seems like he is declining everyday. Feels like it’s been a sh*tshow with the hospital. After he got out of ICU, he spent a few days in a regular room before going to inpatient rehab. While there, I called and happened to get a hold of him, and he could barely speak. Previously, his speech was slower, but no issues understanding him and seemed with it. In rehab though was a different story. He has an implant that closes his urethra since he had his prostate removed. Apparently there was a miscommunication, and the rehab folks neglected to do anythin
  17. In 9th grade, had a guy having to do some anti drug community service by speaking to the school. Proceeds to tell a bunch of horny teenagers that cocaine is 250 times more powerful than an orgasm. I’ve wanted to try coke ever since that day.
  18. More isn’t always a good thing. Quality data is what matters. If you are capturing a lot of data, but it doesn’t help with your decisions, it’s no different than having no data. Correlation != causation applies here.
  19. I thought this was why he didn’t like to hit
  20. Don’t know, but my kids play it all the time.
  21. RIP. How is he only 52? I swear I started listening to them when I was 9 or 10, which would’ve made him 14 or 15.
  22. Latest update on pops. He had a stroke, and has several pulmonary embolisms. The doctor believes he had a stroke, which caused the crash, and the crash caused the PEs. They put him on heparin for the PEs yesterday. He was found unresponsive early this morning due to a seizure. He was moved to the ICU after that. One thing I learned today by chance from one of his friends is that he had an excruciating headache about a week prior.
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