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  1. What’s the difference between god and Steve spurrier? god doesn’t walk around thinking he’s Steve spurrier.
  2. I subbed out the land clearing and the concrete. I am handling the rest
  3. Yes, would have been worse. Totally agree that they usually make a positive difference.
  4. It’s never big enough. I will get some posted on here. I have been taking them every step of the way.
  5. My wife was the same way when we were fixing our old house up to sell it. She kept wanting to do everything they do on an HGTV episode. I kept saying no because we were selling it. I totally understand why those HGTV flip or flop couples get divorced. Lol
  6. My cousin died in a car accident where she flew through the sun roof because she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. Happened on I-75N right after the paces ferry exit. She landed on the back of her head/neck and it destroyed her brain stem. If she would have had her seatbelt on, she would have been in worse shape.
  7. Defense is the only phase of the game can that win the game by themselves.
  8. It's almost like they are the Alabama of the NFL
  9. Letting bill leave? They fired him
  10. LOL at 4.6s at 44 yards a slow start
  11. Comment I always make is they never had the lead in the game until it was over.
  12. I just started building a separate garage the day before Christmas. Haven’t had too much time to work on it because of all the rain though. Plan is the garage for all the tools and stuff, then a loft for playing music and gettin the band back together. Lol. My wife thinks it’s supposed to be an apartment though
  13. So in your eyes every year you don’t win a super bowl is a failure?
  14. Doesn’t matter how many penalties one side has in an offsetting penalty scenario