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  1. Maybe on to something. Imagine thinking offense is taken care of and finally getting to focus on defense. Especially given that you have staked your job on it. Then they make the decision to go offense AGAIN. Sets you up for failure.
  2. When I say all of them from your scenario, I mean the coach, and the players that aren't professional enough to keep doing their jobs
  3. All of them
  4. Alabama is ranked #9 in the SEC for the last 5 years in penalties. So he launched himself toward the ground?
  5. How else does he stop him when the receiver goes that low? I guarantee if the sides were reversed, Alabama doesn’t get called for targeting.
  6. That was a bs call
  7. Trading Hooper would be dumb. Why take away another tight end like we did with losing Gonzalez, and then Tamme. Even though I hate that guy.
  8. It was brutal. Lol
  9. Seemed like HD wasn’t the same after that ACL injury i still remember watching that game. My son had a friend over who was rooting for the niners. Was trash talking him the whole first half. He never said a word, even after we blew it.
  10. How do things start to go south in 2018 when it is just 2 less sacks? I mean technically that is south, but nowhere near as south as we are now, and better than 2016. I feel like its trying to prove that false narrative of our line went to sh*t because we let Poe walk.
  11. Steve spagnoulo is a dc after fielding the worst defense in history with the saints
  12. Building a great team? They had one winning season, and that was only the season before he was fired. The ravens assured him he had the job In Baltimore and fired him a week later.
  13. Only thing I am rooting for this season is to not take the crown as the worst defense ever from New Orleans
  14. going into the game, they had one less loss than us, so from a record standpoint, they were the better team.
  15. Bill Belichek disagrees with you
  16. The optimist in me wonders if the “new” scheme Quinn came up with just takes time for the players to learn. Similar to shanahan’s first season.
  17. I would say when you die, but I feel like we are on the cusp of discovering how to live forever, so never
  18. Technically we don’t know that Quinn actually wanted him gone.
  19. Almost had me for a minute. Your first two comments were like “Everybody freeze, and drop to the floor”
  20. Just need 2 touchdowns and we are back in it.
  21. LMAO at comparing a falcons regular season home game against the College National Championship game.
  22. Technically, bald tires would have a larger contact patch that tires with tread, as that is pretty much built to handle rain/water.
  23. The rebuttal to that would be it falls into the 3 year period before Blank really starts meddling with stuff if/when things don't go how he wants. To reiterate the we don't know what goes on behind closed doors. We don't know that Quinn wanted Koetter We don't know that Quinn wanted Vic back Maybe Pioli left because of how much Blank meddled
  24. Fellow Tech alum, just so it is said, we have won a football national championship more recently than UGA has.
  25. Isn't his entire offense built around a life-timer?