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  1. I’m not sure I agree with taxing unrealized gains. I’d prefer they start with companies like GE who gets billion dollar tax benefits vs unrealized gains. Because that opens the door for any unrealized gain. Also gives the unintended consequence of claiming unrealized losses.
  2. A play I wanted to see again was Waddle’s catch where his feet never touched the ground before he went out of bounds
  3. I keep seeing people claim this is karma for Baldwin. I keep saying karma doesn’t work that way. I have an example of karma being a situation where he needed a gun and didn’t have one. People are dumb.
  4. I actually think pitts is a better pass catcher than Julio.
  5. Awesome. Congrats. Our plan is to find some land and try to buy it now, and then when we are ready, build something and move to it. Unless we can find some land with a house that we can afford now, then rent it out until we are ready.
  6. Worried about gun safety? Aren’t these just prop guns? What kind of safety needs to be had with them?
  7. I mean we have been saving 300 million per day since leaving Afghanistan, right?
  8. It’s almost like they are taking a page out of the Georgia sports book.
  9. Was going to mention that there is a difference between flying and flying over water. And even flying for a length of time. From a personal perspective I don’t like going anywhere that takes more than 8 hours to get there regardless of the mode of travel.
  10. I’ve been sitting on mine too long where they turn into larger losses. Of then 10 different stocks I have, only one is green. It is up 100%. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot in it.
  11. My wife and I wash our dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.
  12. Wonder how this affects product liability? Seems like anyone in their right mind would not want to buy their products built during this timeframe.
  13. Correlation does not equal causation. Same deal with my dad and his vaccine. Only way to test that theory is to have them get another dose.
  14. With the way medical advances, it is possible we will unlock the key on how to live forever and be free from illness. The downside, is your chances of dying a horrifically painful death increase exponentially.
  15. So why are they selectively releasing emails, vs releasing all of them? Feels like these are vindictive moves? Is there any pressure like was put in the raiders organization here?
  16. D*mned is f you do d*mned if you don’t. It’s just like when RBs try to get that extra yard, and someone punches the ball out
  17. It’s more about not giving up a sack against a top 3 defense in sacks.
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