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  1. Don’t feel bad. I purposely didn’t watch until late in the 4th quarter because every time I watch before that, they lose
  2. A hopeless force vs a constantly retreating object.
  3. I was named after Bob Lee. They used lee for my middle name. Only male to not have the family middle name.
  4. Why just universities/colleges? Why not extend that to all public schools? Not saying I agree with it, just curious to the line.
  5. Here’s my thing. From a conservative/Republican view point, whether it came from an animal at a wet market or escaped from a lab due to inadequate controls doesn’t matter, as they have to sit this one out. Because if it truly was 99.99999% survivable as they said and no big deal, what do they care where it came from? They don’t do this with the common cold, the flu, etc.
  6. Am I the only one that clicked on it to figure out what she was the reality winner of, only to find out that was her actual name, and that in reality, she didn’t actually win anything?
  7. The irony here, is one of the top reasons conservatives won’t get the vaccine is because they feel it was rushed and didn’t have the proper testing.
  8. I’m gonna be like a broken record whenever someone sh*ts on govt-funded healthcare. My dads recent stay in the hospital cost $375k. His portion was $40.
  9. I did that with my son for the 2016 season. He was born in June 2015. Coincidentally, when he would fall asleep was when the falcons would collapse. I tried to keep him awake the new tire Super Bowl, but he didn’t make it.
  10. What happens if he fails the physical?
  11. As I mentioned in the other thread, karma would be a falcons Titans Super Bowl and falcons win.
  12. Irony would be a falcons/Titans super bowl this year where the falcons win.
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