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  1. Pretty sure soccer has a high rate of concussions too
  2. What is the rate of concussion in rugby?
  3. I'd also be more interested in the general population as a control, not specifically football players. And if this ruins football, I'd bet it has an impact on soccer too.
  4. I do think when it was close, Aikman was biased towards the Cowboys, but by the end, he didn't keep up the charade. Overall, didn't think it was that bad.
  5. Is the concern that he has had 3, or that he has had 3 that we know about plus the possibility of others?
  6. Clearly Freeman is dead then
  7. I still adn't watched the last 2 episodes from last season. Apparently comcast wants to charge to watch, so I haven't watched anything this season
  8. Chubbie to Atlantie
  9. Not sure I buy the concussion diagnosis by Thomas Davis M.D.
  10. He looks like Redd Foxx having the big one.
  11. I'll see if I can find the stats, but pretty sure we never did as well in the 2nd half compared to the first half as the norm
  12. If shanahan was setting things up for the 2nd half, why did we do worse in the 2nd vs the first?
  13. you a software engineer at NASA or something?