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  1. Everyone on defense has looked bad, so not sure if it would help
  2. This is a thread about Justin Crawford. Start one about Winston being a rapist, and I am sure you will have plenty of people that do care. Not sure why you think no one posting about Winston in a thread about Crawford means people don't care.
  3. Technically, he is still claiming statutory rape, as a person under the age of consent can't reasonably be expected to understand.
  4. I'd say there are different degrees.
  5. Agreed, I saw those plays too. It was like he decided he was going to try to strip the ball, but even gave horrible effort at that. Makes me wonder if he is afraid to wrap up for fear of tearing his pec again.
  6. True, but they came up with one against KC, so they would offset
  7. He's bad, but it seems like it has to do with strength. I would wager trufant is a worse tackler
  8. How is this possible, he is always on the sideline? /casm
  9. Is he even that?
  10. My neighbor used to teach Vic Beasley. Just had the conversation about him not having any heart. I am not sure I'll be invited back.
  11. The point being, if you use that stat by itself, you are saying that Duke is playing better than Poole and Alford, which I think is false.
  12. Not sure how telling the stat really is though to say that Poole and Alford are worse