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  1. RIP. How is he only 52? I swear I started listening to them when I was 9 or 10, which would’ve made him 14 or 15.
  2. Latest update on pops. He had a stroke, and has several pulmonary embolisms. The doctor believes he had a stroke, which caused the crash, and the crash caused the PEs. They put him on heparin for the PEs yesterday. He was found unresponsive early this morning due to a seizure. He was moved to the ICU after that. One thing I learned today by chance from one of his friends is that he had an excruciating headache about a week prior.
  3. Update on Pops. He was taken to the hospital today. He was progressively getting worse over last night and this morning. Ending up having a fall this afternoon. He’s on plavix, so it makes his skin tear easily, which happened when he fell and when I picked him up.
  4. Sorry, I probably should have kept going in that reply. Well, if he didn’t have an accident, I’d say it was just reaction to the shot. But having an accident adds to it. He’s been nauseous and vomiting, along with chills. So I found out about via his friend from RI (we are in GA) calling me that it happened, because he was talking to him when it happened. So by the time I get down to him, he is walking to his house. The wreck happened about a mile from his house.
  5. So my dad got his 1st shot today, started feeling bad on his way home and crashed his truck.
  6. He did mention Rico as someone we might move on from depending on how the chips fall.
  7. His son was just involved in an accident where a 5 year old is fighting for her life. And his son admitted to drinking beforehand. Maybe that has something to do with it.
  8. I’m just hoping for the bucs to go up by more than 25, only to have mahomes come back and win at the end or overtime.
  9. I sometimes wonder if it cruel to the people around the person with dementia instead of the person with dementia. My mother passed from a form of dementia in 2019. Most people with dementia have grey matter disease which destroys memories, who they are etc. my mother had the white matter version, which basically destroyed her ability to function so she became locked in before she passed.
  10. Not sure what’s on the other side, but it stands to reason that at some point in the future, our horizon of the universe will disappear once all the galaxies in the sky accelerate past our view. Leaving the sky empty.
  11. To be fair, it’s that part of Georgia that is really close to Alabama.
  12. Now looky here counselor. My covenant with my mom was I could stop going to church once I got confirmed. So when we found a church that fast tracked you to confirmation at 8th grade, my reading of the Bible stopped. So saying my knowledge of the Bible is bad, is a given.
  13. Trust me, I know it’s anti science. That’s something they are known for. As far as anti scriptural, are you saying that line doesn’t exist, or there are others that contradict it?
  14. Didn’t trump also play fortunate son at several events?
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