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  1. Apparently, "If you see something, say something" doesn't apply to law enforcement
  2. I would say that anyone should have the right to end their life regardless of their condition. I would also say that no one should every have the right to pressure/encourage someone to take their life.
  3. Ask them if they would prefer that over what they have now?
  4. So its a problem that will solve itself
  5. Can we just drop this and get back to hating the real villain for the falcons? I'm looking at you, Eugene Robinson
  6. The GOP has a baseball team?
  7. That's a good question. Say you and I are running from a bear, and you stumble so the bear gets you instead of me. In my book, you'll always be my hero,
  8. Still looks like she is trying to get out of the way. The fact that she picked what would appear to be a longer path isn't proof to me. She didn't even seem to be looking at the boy, nor trying to shove him out of the way. Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for what happened to her, but calling her a hero might be undeserved.
  9. Are people not allowed to change their mind? You could make the same argument about gay marriage. At one point, most politicians were against it. Now, very few are, and the ones still against it do the very thing that Lostone was mentioning, which is trying to keep things from progressing past a certain point.
  10. Not to be that guy <-- which means I am about to be that guy. But it doesn't look like she tried to shield him, just that she was trying to get out of the way of the car herself.
  11. Not to pick nits, but the law about lying being a crime is perjury and sometimes obstruction of justice Buddhism is not a religion. And I don't think it is applicable to list things done by radicals (i.e. throwing homosexuals from the rooftops or gunning down innocents) and extending to the entire religion. Similar to the point of saying that Christians who impose laws based on old testament aren't real christians. Muslims who do the things you talk about aren't real muslims.
  12. Would those wicked people be the ones that still use the old testament?
  13. Is it Lo Stone, Lost One, or Los Tone?
  14. They were round before they were shaped like fruit. Loved them growing up. When they changed the shape, I swore they changed the recipe, wouldn't eat them. Once they changed them back to round, all is well with the world