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  1. I looked into one at our last place. There are different considerations you have to deal with. What is the limitation on size for the current one?
  2. Wilford brimley https://www.tmz.com/2020/08/01/wilford-brimley-dead-dies-actor-quaker-oats-diabetes/?fbclid=IwAR2A3O7vpMW4_SONEoR106F0e73jl6Nb4VqKyj7Qrn-YDvF6WCjYBAs5hxM
  3. Every time I hear about someone killing themselves, I just think to myself “I get it”
  4. I did. Gave me something to do during quarantine
  5. Update on the barn build. Siding is done and working on getting my doors done. And digging my trench to run electricity to it.
  6. https://people.com/movies/kelly-preston-dies-of-breast-cancer-at-57/?fbclid=IwAR11X0gfpWz4ZjbhJY8wQgZDZweqJiDn4l7_Q98aq5dyy5zvpeMPr2MUriM
  7. Need to make sure Keanu doesn’t cover him in practice
  8. I believe he has gotten some of them fired.
  9. Tears run about 1% salt, whereas sea water runs at about 4%. So it may be possible.
  10. Not for nothing, but as a pitcher, all I cared about was throwing heat and used ball placement. One year, I started hitting batters left and right so much so, I almost got kicked of the leaugue(ironically, for pegging Kris Benson). Anyway, got classes before the next year, and my hitting people issue went away.
  11. Looking good. I’ll try to take a pic of a neon sign I have that will be going in the barn.
  12. He was a dark man, lyrically speaking
  13. Yep. I'll be happy once I get the doors done
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