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  1. I believe snopes says it is legit was taken in 2012 or 2015. They have painted themselves all black as that is school colors for quite some time, and that section always taunts the opposing team. The picture and description would lead you to believe that there is something more sinister going on and that they did this specifically to a black player from the opposing team. I do. The whole doxxing thing is BS. If anything, I'd like doxxing to become a tort act/interference with anyone dessiminating the info to be liable. I know it'd be **** near impossible to enforce, but still.
  2. Sort of like DiMarco
  3. I do as well. The not getting your life ruined is in regards to internet Lynch mobs, not the fact they are kids. The kids part was to point out that kids tend to have a very limited worldview, that will hopefully change with age or experiences
  4. Regardless of whether or not the kids were or were not in fact a-holes on that day does not excuse the internet lynch mob reaction to it. They are kids. Who here still has the same worldview they did at 17? Acting like these kids or relatives lives need to be ruined forever over something that wasn't even a crime is ludicrous. All joking aside about beating a drum in someone's face should be a crime, I do think when people doxx others, it should be considered a tortious act that can't be cleared by claiming bankruptcy.
  5. Automatically great might be a stretch, but remember the job Mike Tice did when coaching the OL here?
  6. It should be noted the aggressive play calling worked, as Sanu caught the pass for the first down. They called it back due to a hold on Jake Matthews, but ignored Sanu getting facemasked.
  7. What was the scenario last year?
  8. Calm down Francis. Is the math wrong?
  9. Not only is it corny, the math works out to 4250ish per player.
  10. Since we are bringing in old coaches, let's bring Mike Tice back to coach the OL.
  11. I've always heard that doesn't matter and a good coach can scheme around it /casm
  12. This should answer a lot of questions
  13. I was hoping their receiver would have gotten tackled before the ball got there and then a no call.
  14. I know it is a mashup, but this one is genius