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  1. When he did that leaving here I was like F him. But now, it gets funnier and funnier each team he posts this about.
  2. Could also be he plans to use Hill because Dirk knows Jamies inside and out?
  3. Only to be verified. That being said, seems like the whole point of that site would be to not be verified so you aren’t accountable for your sh*tty views.
  4. Does this affect compensatory picks?
  5. Does anyone else think it would be funny to start burning someone’s trump yard signs? Like the opposite of burning a cross, but burning the sign in the yard of bigots?
  6. It took over two weeks to receive mine. To the point that mailing it back in n meant it probably wouldn’t have been counted.
  7. He doesn’t though, and the offense he calls proves that.
  8. Sean Connery https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-54761824
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