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  1. But no flag for leading with the helmet
  2. Does everyone realize jones wasn’t out all last year, like Neal and Rico were?
  3. That, we might have been able to come back from.
  4. Point I was asking was is the play over once he was touched so, if he waited touch him, the play continues. I know they had the TO, but to my knowledge, you can’t call a TO while a play isn’t over.
  5. Question. If the defender waits to touch the receiver, does the clock run out?
  6. Considering, I thought he was pretty unbiased. Spoke highly of quite a few of our players
  7. I don’t think that stat is correct. We beat the Bears 2 years ago
  8. Or could you say he has liabetes?
  9. Kind of feel like those picks should go from the pats to Pitt now
  10. You explain it to your kid as an economics lesson. Dude has a six year contract in the neighborhood of 21 million.