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  1. For the first time in a long time, there are things to TALK ABOUT!!!
  2. fix...the...screens! fix...the...amazing cornerback mid air turnaround to intercept a ball he hasnt seen. then we talk ratings
  3. Ask the following players if they consider our Secondary "Soft" Clinton Portis Brandon Jacobs DeSean Jackson Jonathan Stewart.
  4. Its super rugby season, it just started. My bet he is glued to his TV.
  5. So cut him because you were not impressed. Haha. I agree he may not stretch the field like his KC days, but inside the Redzone, and on 3rd and short, Tony is money. Not to mention he is a veteran leader, and mentor to the younger guys. Factor in the double coverage that he draws, and the best set of hands on our team, I dont think he is going anywhere unless he retires.
  6. Im on the DE wagon. There is no doubt we need a vastly improved pass rush, both SB contenders were number 1 & 2 in sacks. We were 20th or something, the good qbs picked us apart. Im also tired of the Project DE, lets get a vet who we can count on to give us a handful of sacks.
  7. Up until a few years ago, Carson Palmer was up there with the elite QBs, at least, according to analysts ect. I remember hearing his name thrown around on sports center and nfl live ect, as one of the top 5 qbs.(personally im not a fan of his) In all the highlights ive seen of bengals games, its always Ocho making sick touchdown grabs on bombs thrown by CP. I hope Bart brings some of that here to the ATL, our deep game is def missing. IN TD WE TRUST.
  8. D'Hall manning up? And acting like an adult? Im Shocked. Kudos to him.
  9. Here is to a good 3 years Erik, he gave us what we expected, solid ( not spectacular ) safety play, maybe even a veteran presence for the young guns 28 and 25. Hope he gets picked up by a decent team. The off season has officially begun!
  10. Step in Jason Snelling, and maybe a change O pace back via the draft... The current Halfbacks on our roster will carry us for at least another 2years, plenty of time to address the situation. Not worried at all.
  11. Ive been so dissapointed in him, but doesnt the 3year rule apply to all our players?
  12. After watching Aaron Rogers against our D, id say everyone is a liability in Pass coverage...
  13. Our rushing offense needs some serious work, we cant move the ball at all against the better rush defenses.
  14. Me too plz guys, my usual one isnt working!
  15. This is how Falcon babies are rocked to sleep!!!
  16. http://www.streamaudio.com/Player/Player.aspx?Station=WMJE_FM&filename=&Optin= works for me BC.
  17. haha just asked the same thing going cold turkey here!
  18. Can someone give me a link to listen online? Thanks in advance!
  19. I think that is quite cool. Red helmets would be awesome. Or we could just wear our throwbacks all season...
  20. I think Mike has been messing with our heads this season, he called a great game last night, and he needs to keep doing it! We threw on the 1st play of the game?!?! WTF!!!?? Sign me up Supes, im starting to belive in ol' MM.
  21. Harry has done the exact opposite of what we expected this season, weems looked good in his time as the 5th WR last year...Maybe we can spell him in to see how he looks.
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