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  1. GTFO troll!! This is a fake post to make falcons fans look bad. Don't believe it. It's copied (almost word for word but with slight details changed) from a Seahawks.net post from last week that we linked to. Don't believe it. You're just being trolled.
  2. Gonna wear it all winter.. (mostly coats and cold weather hats). Will always be a falcon fans. Can't stand all these miserable whiners posting today. I'll be down for weeks now, but I still love my Falcons.
  3. Similar to today's game, I would say that his snaps would be limited to only a few.
  4. 13 wins in regular season.. Today's game: Played on the 13th day 2013 Called a timeout with 13 seconds to go, for the game winning FG. 13 is now my new favorite number :-D
  5. Feeling the same as you OP. Feeling exhausted now.. Sore throat and emotionally drained. Almost completely missed the pats texans game because I kept flipping channels to watch highlights and post game interviews. Still getting a little choked up every time I see shots of an emotional Tony Gonzalez. Too amped and excited to sleep tonight, but hopefully I'll calm down by tomorrow.
  6. That's awesome! Always watched those guys and wondered what their story was... Part of the team's organization or part of the stadium crew?
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