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  1. While I agree he's over the hill, I don't see the team doing anything that drastic. More than likely, they'll start cutting down his carries and maybe turn the backfield into a committee like other teams do. At the very least, Turner still has value in short yardage and goal line situations. Get a speedy RB with hands for a change of pace and use Snelling as relief or backup for injuries.
  2. I hope that stays true. I was worried about the rain. Just asking for a 3-4 hour period free of precipitation!
  3. This will be my first road game. Got some 200 level tickets today. Any suggestions on where to park?
  4. Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. It's the only scripted show I watch... and I don't mean scripted reality crap. Other than that, my TV is for sports.
  5. I googled her name and she's one of the best looked naked chicks I've ever seen. I've never been a fan of the super implants look.
  6. I saw it on IMAX and maybe that experience led to a favorable opinion of it. Then again, I tend to like Keanu Reeves' movies no matter how bad they are... I felt this one was good but far from being anything great or memorable years from now.
  7. I have both, but I'm 25. I prefer Facebook because it's a great way to keep tabs on your friends, share photos, make events. It also feels more "legit" than MySpace, which seems like a place for emo kids to pick fights with one another.
  8. This had me dying of laughter. Thanks for posting it.
  9. I'd say this is the best year I've had so far. Lots of fun, unexpected experiences that I'll always remember. And on top of that, the Falcons are going to the playoffs after being written off as a team that would struggle to get more than one win.
  10. Drops happen every game to every team, but I think we greatly improved from last week in this department. Props to the coaching staff for whatever they did to fix it, as well as the players for stepping up.
  11. I don't ever wish for players to be injured, but this certainly would come at an opportunistic time for us to take advantage. I don't really care about who we beat or who's starting for the opposing team, because a win is a win!
  12. I don't believe we're going to go anywhere, but if we did, that would mean that the nearest football team I can cheer for would be the Panthers....
  13. Whatever it is, I feel bad for him that he's getting bounced all over the place this year.
  14. Yeah, I was really disappointed when I saw that she wasn't on this year's roster. Kinda odd for the girl who represents the Falcons in Sports Illustrated to not return.
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