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  1. Maybe then we can beat the projections that were set before us at the begining of the season?
  2. C'mon man guys not even starting to loose his hair!
  3. I knew Babs could do it , but how about JA on that fg block?
  4. Here Here! A very good thought to take to note.
  5. For all those giving BVG a hard time. Google the Falcons @ Raiders game stats.
  6. Alright! Way to go, Whahooo. We need some help to make us seem ignorant.
  7. Gobbstoppers, Holy Crap! Cinnamon picks or Hot picks?
  8. One the wifey has, Knotslanding or Dallas?
  9. It's good to be back as short as it maybe, Gilligan's island or Fantasy island
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