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  1. It's a rare occasion that mommabird drops in. So this has to be HOF!:w00t:
  2. I'm not depressed over it or anything, it's not like I'm never going to have sex again. I just really wanted to have sex with this girl to see how many different ways I could bend her. I wasn't that interested in having a meaningful relationship with her. I mean come on, she does palates and dance, I do keg stands and watch football. If it wasn't for the fact that she thought I was really funny and "sweet" I don't think I ever would have had a chance. I got ya! Is there anyway you can play it off, like Hey what's that ish you were talkin to my brother, He stole my phone and now I see some fun
  3. My friend called me today while I was at work to tell me this story. Headshot everyone does something stupid in their lives, so don't dwell on it. There's another pilates chick around the corner. I could give ya some more ****** stuff to make ya feel better, but ya know why God made you to hurt, so you don't do it again. Good stuff though you got me rollin.
  4. I hope you guys don't mind, but I failed my goal today of 3500 feet of brush trimming. I also had to eat beanie weenies b/c we were across a river and the brush was thick with wild grape vines everywhere. We, my co-worker and I only cut 2400 feet. My question is sometimes we eat tuna on white bread and sometimes it's those **** little sausages. Is there any ideas on healthy foods that can be stored, that I can take in remote places. Keep in mind fulfilling and wholesome, that keep in cool or warm temps?
  5. I'm no excercise expert but I can tell you it does depend on what type of body you have, and what kind of food your taking in. If you dont feel your getting enough excercise, go run or go swim or something. And the most obvious thing, if your overweight then yes you probably need to excercise more:P but from the amount of work you do, i doubt thats a problem. Tipp thanks, My height is about 6' weight is around 180lbs I just wonder if I might not need too do more. My intake " I don't count cals" But it's 1 scrambled 2 bacon and grits or hashbrowns in the morn, And depends on the work, I'm mo
  6. I do have a serious question, On most days I cut a line of brush/thick/ or sometimes it's just overgrown clearcut. The line is approx. 3' wide by knee high. I know it sounds redneckish if that's a word. But I will say it's usually around about 3500 foot, Which I walk,this line three times a day. On an average of twice a week. I do eat a good breakfast and lunch when times allow.Sometimes it's vienna sausage for lunch! But the point is Do I still need too exercise after that, or in between?
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