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  1. If im not mistaking Decoud and Jackson played together in Cal aswell
  2. probably not he more than likely came to our boards and saw the post lol
  3. great to see them getting noticed Anthony Gargano seems to have named them Thunder and Lightning i know some of you have suggested this in a previous post but its nice to hear him refer to them as that he discusses the falcons on the link at about 3:40 http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2010101706/2010/REG6/falcons@eagles#tab:watch
  4. Wow for once i agree with a saints fan but i agree i know our team didnt go out and play like we wanted to but we just gotta keep our heads up its not the end of the season
  5. i beleive we had a broken wing last season and we still finished of the season strong and flying high
  6. Austin Texas Here and ready for some falcons football
  7. Sure does feel great to have a contender team ive been a falcons fan for going on 7 years now and i have been through the good and bad times but now its our time to shine it sucks im gonna have to miss the game beacuse of work but better beleive i will DVR it sunday cant come soon enough comon fellas if your as pumped as i am let me get a GOO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. haha thats a funny joke chevis thinks he will kill us i bet if we put a lineman out as a WR our lineman would burn him
  9. Aweosme video brother i almost shat myself when i saw that falcons on the end that was a awesome animation that they did for that great video :wub:
  10. yeah then after that we can go after marcus vick
  11. I agree i mean dont get me wrong the man is good but i dont feel like he is our second best player on the defensive side of the ball
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