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  1. Exactly, but no ones talking about those!
  2. Why do you have to bring up that memory on such a joyous occasion?
  3. How do you not at least knock down that rainbow pass when you’re standing right there? Smh
  4. I didn’t say the other two should be benched. Matt had a pretty good game considering he was sacked 5 times hit a lot more and was the leading rusher for the team. So I am keeping it real. If you believe Matt or Julio deserve to be benched then there’s nothing more to discuss because we aren’t going to agree.
  5. Lol, Ryan should not be included. He’s thrown for over 300 yards and completed 70% of his passes. His play hasn’t even been a blip on the problem radar.
  6. TRADE RYAN NOW! Sorry I just wanted to say something STUPID too. I wasn’t feeling like part of the group.
  7. Yes, good point. I mean he’s second in completion percentage only to Brees, he’s top 8 in TDs, top 5 in yards and QB rating. But he needs more than other QBs. Makes sense, I mean none of the other top QBs have a good defense, right or a good run game? Legit statement.
  8. I don’t see a point in arguing with ridiculous so I’m not going to, but I’m really glad people on here don’t have a say in player decisions especially QB. SMH
  9. How was that not a PI?
  10. I think this seasons shows we need help at CB and Oline. Given, we’ve had injuries on Oline but we still need halp there and at CB desperately in my opinion.
  11. If you guys play a lot of Fortnite, hit me up. PS4 lVlajorMojo.
  12. I’m going to play Fortnite myself!
  13. I think it’s definitely time to look at two new starting CBs. When you press and get beat off the line and then line up 10 yards off and get beat underneath it means you can’t stop anything. Really sad pass defense.
  14. Logs into football chat trying, badly, to dispense wisdom. But I agree you don’t find much wisdom on the internet, my point exactly!