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  1. It always amazes me when someone says something like this. Name one QB whose EVER takeN a bum team to the Super Bowl let alone won? Yea, I’ll wait. No........actually I won’t wait because the answer is not a single one. is Matt the greatest to ever play the game or even in the conversation, no. But he’s a solid QB who could win if we could just play some decent defense and make better decisions as a team.
  2. Bottom line, doesn’t matter what anyone’s opinion is of Matt because he’s here for several more years. Might as well get used to it. You could also try being objective but you don’t seem to be capable of that.
  3. You guys are going to be pretty disappointed for the next several years as that’s how long Ryan will be the QB here. Just facts.
  4. Don’t get me wrong, I think the coaching needs to change but you can’t watch these games and think the defense is there on the defense, no way.
  5. When you look at this defense play, do you honestly see much talent past about 3 of our players. I agree we need a coaching change but after these game I think maybe we have over estimated the talent we have on this team especially on defense.
  6. It’s was definitely a bad pas by Matt, but that wasn’t the reason we lost. They had drives of 93 and a 97 yards in the first half. They scored on every first half possession. Even if we were ahead we didnt slow them down at all on the last drive when we needed to and you think we keep them out of the end zone, debatable. The offense could have played better in the first half but the defense was absolutely the culprit this week along with penalties. 29
  7. Defense is definitely A problem but considering Washington put up 400 yards on their D.....well there has to be a positive somewhere there right?
  8. Honestly, Yes. The Patriots wouldn’t be THE Patriots without Bill. Brady is good, great even but I whole heartedly believe that Bill wins several SBs without Brady but I don’t think Brady does without Bill. I think the discussion on whose more important Bill or Tom isn’t even close.
  9. Not taking anything away from Brady. But last year they had the offensive success they had because they went to a power run game. They average like 150 yards and 2-3 touchdowns a game on the ground.
  10. This is time of year every fan should be optimistic. But to say your opinion is any more realistic is just as crazy. At this point no one knows what we are as a team and we won’t until actual games get played. Myself, I’d prefer to optimistic rather than pessimistic until I have a clearer picture.
  11. I don’t know why we get so caught up in overall ranking from whatever website a particular person decides to quote. You can’t have too 10 guys at every position, it’s not realistic. The most important thing is can the player do the job you brought him in for whether that be rushing or stopping the run. I can’t remember how many articles I’ve read Over the years about how Bill Belichick has made a living off that very thing. He has a specific role for each player and he highlights what their good at and insulated them from their weaknesses.
  12. How do you not at least knock down that rainbow pass when you’re standing right there? Smh
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