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  1. Has anyone already made a wallpaper with Matt and Josef Martinez to celebrate their MVP awards and I missed it? if not, anyone want to tackle it?
  2. Missed the 2nd half at my daughters soccer practice. Can’t find the video of him running for the first. Anyone help me out?
  3. hey man, let me know when you get to your laptop and get that final design, im itching to take it to a tattoo artist

  4. yeah, they could never decide if they wanted me to play end or nose, im a natural 3 technique.....they finally added a 3 technique last year but before the season they decided they wanted me to play nose and weight 290lbs....i was 250 and only 2 months out from the i lost my scholarship

  5. I see. All that talent wasted on stupid crap. So did you play D line?

  6. he had a few problems out there but they did a good job of keeping everything he did away from the media

  7. Did he straighten up any? I'm also an FSU fan so I know how tough you boys are.

  8. yeah jsu is ok man, small *** town, alot of good players though, i played with perilloux the first year he was there

  9. Man my computer has been really screwy and didn't save the finished design. I have to re-do it when I get back to my labtop. But yeah I've heard alot about J-State. Actually one of the assistant coaches went there.

  10. yo man, any progress on that logo for my tat?

  11. youre going to play at troy? **** yeah, good luck, i played 3 years at jacksonville state, so not far from Troy, college football is a whole different beast.