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  1. Omni is a good bet being a 5 minute walk to the Benz and attached to CNN center and all the food. Right near the ferris wheel too. not a bad spot
  2. Sherman just upset bc he got let go. Back to back super bowl appearances, multiple division titles, always in the mix to win everything, we should hope for that sustained success
  3. Manziel and RG3 for 5 year development plans......
  4. Matt holding up the NFC trophy in their building would be a meme that would live forever
  5. Sanu doesn't like middle crossing routes?? News to me.
  6. Ive seen him be fair to the Falcons most of the time, and had a bit of a man crush on Matt last year.
  7. Held up pretty well vs Kamara. And that matchup terrified me
  8. The stretch from the jets game up until the Vikings certainly made me hopeful. We win and that’s 10 wins playing in the best division in football and a first place schedule. That doesn’t happen by accident in the nfl
  9. No but teams get on hot streaks every year. Remember the nail biter where we beat Green Bay in 2010? They got hot and smoked us in the playoffs. These things happen.
  10. The only real coaching issue I have is time management. The player development on defense has been excellent. The playcalling can be bland and sometimes predictable but execution has been the largest issue on offense. Drops and missed blocks in particular
  11. 2015 easily, the colts game, the blowout to the panthers, the ineptitude everywhere. This team right now is a few dropped passes/missed blocks from a #1 seed. I dont expect a Super Bowl run but i expect them to give all NFC teams run for their money
  12. Get in and things can change. Joe Friggin Flacco and Eli Manning, neither of who are terribly great in the regular season got hot and got in, riding good defenses. Old, broken, duck ball Peyton won a superbowl. Matt has performed well in his last 5 playoff games, get him in, see what happens
  13. You can find it in those random generated t shirt things on Facebook
  14. Lol there’s a name i completely forgot. Spent a lot of time moving him to safety in madden lol that’s an awesome one
  15. My brother in law is a saints fan with a laurinaitis jersey