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  1. Buff Bagwell. I remember sitting near him at a game in 1998 and him being hammered drunk and giving a Rams fan absolute ****
  2. Bench press is a poor indicator of the field strength for d lineman. Squat and power cleans should be more considered as they are exploding their power up from the ground through their legs, into their hips and forward toward the offensive lineman.
  3. Remember when the falcons and cowboys took Takk and Taco back to back with TJ Watt on the board. Seriously, how did we miss that?
  4. Am I the only one that think Dak gets paid? Im gonna guess he gets slightly more than cousins got. And I think Dak is really good.
  5. This. Look no further than the Panthers game where Matt stood in and got blasted but dropped a perfect ball in the bucket to Julio at the goal line.
  6. Another one of these, huh. They come along every few years. Vick and Vince. Kaep, WIlson, RG3 (wilson has evolved). Cam. I love the part about them throwing off of their back foot. That was literally Cam's biggest weakness was his reliance on his strength. It made him an often erratic passer. Anyways, Super Bowl winners then 2018:Brady 2017:Foles 2016: Brady 2015: The skeleton of Peyton Manning 2014: Brady 2013: Wilson 2012: Elite Joe 2011: Eli(te) Manning 2010: Rodgers. You do not have to kill the pocket passer to have mobile qbs but the guys with the ability to run and throw have been few and far between. Pocket passer is going nowhere.
  7. Demorrio Williams my favorite was big 75, Rod Coleman. A beast in the middle that got no love
  8. Did not read to see if this was answered but you get the 5th year option on first round picks
  9. UGA's offense would not allow Fields to shine like he is doing now.
  10. I don't want the heir apparent QB on the roster for more than 1 year with Matt Ryan, for the simple fact if we find a stud replacement on a rookie deal we can stack the roster with FA for a year or 2. So I do not see a need for a replacement guy for 2 more years at least.
  11. Super sad to see Alex Mack get handled by WTF is a Corey Peters
  12. I think so, as long as we are not rushing to the line every play. You can get to the ball and take your time with the snap, keep the defense off balance by running the play clock down some times, snapping it quick sometimes.
  13. It is tough when the opposing team gets points on literally almost every possession. People keep saying he is getting "garbage time stats" but against the Colts, Texans, and Cardinals we were down 17 and he made the games either 1 possession games or tied it up.
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