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  1. I liked the skycam when it was stationary and not moving side to side during the play. It moved right on a running play at one point as the runner cut left and it was too much. I like seeing the routes and the d line moves better tho.
  2. I enjoyed the documentary, if for nothing else, the old black on gray unis. Sex.
  3. I think as a passer he’s incredibly streaky and inconsistent. You will see him throw 30 yard strikes into tiny windows, then follow it up by throwing 10 yards over someone’s head or in the dirt. I think a lot of it is that his foot work is sub par. His strength and ability to rocket the ball into those windows make him as dangerous as anyone when he’s on. The panthers are fortunate to be good elsewhere when he’s off, such as the jets game.
  4. I have been critical of Wilson in years past bc i watched plenty of games where he was awful for 3.5 quarters and his defense kept them in the game. This year he has stepped it up. I disagree with the mobile thing. Guys who are mobile and great passers are the exception. Vick, Kaep, Newton even all are weren’t/aren’t polished passers and it hurt their game.
  5. I read some, I love that they think Deion intentionally took out Kamara. He split 2 blockers and actually would have missed the tackle if the sides of their helmets hadnt collided.
  6. Comes down to rush and misses a strip sack by a hair and forces a terrible pass, gets the tackle in bress face before Clayborn erases him. He looks so defeated dropping back. If Riley cant play the LB spot then activate Spoon but if we can rush Clayborn Takk and Vic at the same time we should always do that.
  7. Yesterday’s issue for Vic are simple, he’s best when running past people at a qb, and he’s shown to be decent in coverage. Keeping his shoulders square to the line and tracking someone in open space is not something he has learned.
  8. He was amazing but if Beasley ever kept his shoulders square when spying a lot of those runs don’t happen
  9. I was there in the standing room area. Game never got full but was pretty bare at the beginning of both halves as people were still checking out the stadium. TONS of blue shirts, once we hit 24 they began to disperse
  10. Won’t happen but I would love the sets with him, Hooper, Julio and sanu on the field
  11. Sure. Better than us. A juggernaut? Hardly. Take away that 52 point outlier against Detroit and they become much more average. This isn’t 07 pats or even 16 us
  12. Juggernaut? They’ve eclipsed 30 only twice
  13. Has anyone done these? What time does the line start forming? Hoping they open it up for the cowboys game
  14. Is this going to happen?
  15. As poor as our defense has been against the run they have been solid on points allowed. The offense will come out of the fog. We are inches away from big plays, balls just out of reach that I have faith will get corrected.