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  1. Garrett Lindholm video: He hit a 64 yarder last year! :blink: (3rd longest in NCAA history)
  2. Mayock Pick Analysis: The Falcons pick up a quality cover corner with the selection of Domonique Franks. He has good ball skills and awareness, and is adept at playing in zone coverage. Given the Falcons' woes against the pass in 2009, Franks could emerge as a contributor in the team's nickel or dime packages.
  3. Then someone could share this team's film... ? We can't see your ESPN channels in Italy, only ESPN Europe that is much different, without NFL... Please help... thanks!
  4. TD is a real GM! Trust him 100% Totally agree with his strategy!
  5. Thanks to explain, very clear I didn't know about Abraham, I watched football seriously only from the last 2 years and I'm still learning. :P Here in Italy we watch and play only soccer...
  6. Is it a terrible idea, you think? Why? Do you think that our players don't fit that kind of scheme?
  7. I'm thinking that there is a chance that our team colud move to 3-4 defense with small moves: DE: Johnatan Babineaux NT: Grady Jackson DE: Jamaal Anderson OLB: John Abraham MLB: Keith Brooking (if...) MLB: Curtis Lofton OLB: Boley or FA/draft That could address needs for next season, Anderson would be better as 3-4 DE, we could pick a DE in the draft (or FA) able to play as rushing OLB, and so on... What do you think about that? :blink:
  8. Well, think about this: Cincinnati has Palmer, NYGiants has E. Manning. No one can say that Manning is a better QB than Palmer, right? But count the rings... What I'am saying is that it's important to have a very good QB, with a good mentality and a lot of leadership (and Ryan has all the tools to be that kind) but it's not fundamental to have a stellar QB, expecially with a run-oriented offense as we will be. The important thing is that Ryan could be the tipe of QB that will be able to bring us to a Superbowl, although he can't throw 50 TD in a season. More of that, the QB position presuppose
  9. TD told specifically that we drafted Kroy (as the other palyers from 5th round to 7th) to improve special teams. Don't expect too much from these players outside special teams' play, at least for this season.
  10. And finally a CB that could defend in the endzone against tall WR like Burress, Moss, Colston, and so on.
  11. I agree 100%, this is the best OL possible for next season.
  12. It's better for him if Redman starts the season. Then, depending how the season will begin, the coach could think tu put Ryan on the field, maybe from the game after the bye. At that point, after 6 games, if we'll be 4-2 or 3-3 we could stick with Chris, otherwise...
  13. More than that, Baker was considered second only to Joe Thomas as OT in last year's early mocks. Then he decided to stay for his senior year at USC, but in my opinion he remain a 1st round OL prospect, despite many analists put him in the second round. Dimitroff did a very good trade to pick Baker, losing no picks.
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