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  1. The best part to me was he said he liked to hunt and fish and he was very well-mannered. I love how he mentioned the "house on the lake" several times. This is a dude that's about to get broke off, and he showed incredible humility. I'll take this kat over a self-absorbed, well-spoken guy any day.
  2. I agree, that's what I was thinking when I read it intially. But c'mon... based on positional value, this draft looks great on paper. We filled positions of need with every pick accept SLB. I know he didn't wanna look like a homer, but who besides us even knows Steve Wyche was a beat reporter for the falcs before his NFL net gig. This is a classic case of a reporter feeling himself.
  3. Atlanta Falcons: C+ High draft picks in each round presented the Falcons the ability to hit on nearly every round in 2008. Selecting late in each round in this year's draft allowed them to land need players DT Peria Jerry and S William Moore in the first two rounds, but there are still holes on defense. The mid-round selection of Richmond OLB Lawrence Sidbury gives the Falcons a situational pass rusher, but there might not be an abundance of players in this draft who will develop into long-time contributors. I think draft grades prior to three years after the draft are stupid, but nearly every
  4. Organized crime ring... you know what they say... "Gangstas... make the... world go round."
  5. I want to take Dimitrof out for a seafood dinner, and I will call him back the next day!
  6. Think about the running game... you can't stack the box anymore.
  7. That's 7mil for each interception from divisional game!
  8. I'm cool with it. i want another 2nd round pick.
  9. Pioli comes form the Belechik draft school... you know they value second round picks. I think he would bite on JA and a no.2. They traded a no.2 for Cassel, a highly valued QB. JA98 is a scheme fit, and they replace their lost second rounder. But is a low second so we prolly gonna swap late round picks.
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