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  1. How did you find that image...that is from Finnish comedy show. Home sweet home...
  2. I planned to put Mass Effect text there (or the name with the same font), but it just didn't work somehow... Maybe I'll revisit it sometime to make some tweaks and version 2.0.
  3. Yep. I have to admit that the image is not the best one, but it was basically only suitable image about Mass I could find.
  4. I got inspired by atljbo's nickname for Massaquoi - Mass Effect. If you don't know the Mass Effect, google it, the best video game series ever. So, couple of sleepless nights and I got it done. Hope you like it and huge thanks to atljbo for inspiration. By clicking the image you will get to my DeviantArt site where you can download the fullsize wallpaper.
  5. Finland, Europe. I don't like the prime time games, I have to wake up 3 am to watch them...
  6. Nice to see some other fans from "north". I'm from Finland and currently visiting scientist in Berkeley. My landlady is praising my English and speaking and I started to wonder how I became, at least a decent, English speaker. Of course the years in international research groups in universities forced me to speak English all the time, but I also have to give a recognition to watching football (constantly listening native English speakers as commentators) and reading these boards. These kind of situations give the tips and tricks of the "common-day-english" like some phrases which people use e
  7. Nice to hear that somebody is coming to Finland, my homeland. I'm just visiting my first time in States. I'm doing a two month research visit to LBNL in Berkeley and also met a group in Stanford to collaborate. I have to say that Stanford campus was pretty amazing.
  8. Yeah, nice season. Of course the result of the last game was disappointment, but it is what it is... Reinforcements to defense and a new RB for next season and I think we will have another chance...
  9. OK, that is the most stupid rule ever. "Oh, you throw the red flag and it was TD...OK we won't check the replay and will give you 15y penalty"
  10. One brutal end for Alabama, getting so close and chocking...and then jump on punt...
  11. Nice to see you Supes! I miss the cartoons, but I know time is sometimes an issue with graphics works...
  12. 6.45 am here in Finland. Staying awake all night...and it was totally worth it. GO FALCONS! Have to admit that now I feel a bit light headed.
  13. Very nice breakdown and great post. More of these..
  14. Bump if some Willy Mo fan missed it.
  15. Just finished a new wallpaper. I made the first version almost year ago, but didn't finish it then. I recalled it now and got it done. Hope you like it... To download the fullsize, click the image or here.
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