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  1. nah roddys 2nd now in receiving andre johnson passed him on MNF
  2. heh up here in PA milk used to be 4 bucks just like a gallon of gas
  3. MNF guys giving props to us now, smith was the guy making that team better
  4. if i keep clicking it.. do you get paid more? :P
  5. the game where when he went out the D got tore up? yeah what a bust
  6. i havent seen him play this year, seen a few jets games. and yeah, we got jobbed on finn and turners "fumble"
  7. LOL gholston? now what has he done? is he even gonna play for the jets?
  8. ah your 12, that explains why you can't comprehend great plays by players. well gg to you there
  9. you dont think either.. lemme change that for it to be even more simplier. out with the JA98 haters making love simple enough for you?
  10. we are ahead by .25% they just wanna believe cowgirls are in front of us
  11. gladly im up 16 pts heading into tonights game he has andre johnson to go, i got MJD seems i may come out of this with a win
  12. so true.. i got lucky this week. other guy had marc bulger as QB. peyton gave a whole 2 points.
  13. Not worth my time anymore, it seems you'll hate him for not sacking every time a play happens
  14. its 1 injury cant tell for a few years i personally would say no
  15. he has many supporters that appreciate the good things he does on the field. people that bash the man because he doesnt sack the QB 24/7 is pathetic.
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