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  1. Saw it somewhere on the post... Jenkins re-signed in 2008. Also, heard TD on 790 this morning saying Ray Edwards would land somewhere in the league -- didn't sound like the team would make a big push. But that's just reading between the lines.
  2. Good stuff as always, Supes! Falcons adding a little Hollywood presence.
  3. I'll also be attending my first Falcons game as a fan this season. But, as a former press box-watcher, I too advice getting there early and filling the Dome for kickoff.
  4. Thank you all for the kind words upon finding out I'm leaving the team. It's awesome to have you all care and I'm going to miss serving you as a blogger and reporter. But this is also a "hello" as I feel like I'm joining a great fan base full time. I'm leaving the team in good hands and AF.com is going to keep pushing the envelope with great coverage. Many of you have asked about who's taking my place and I can't really say. I do know, there's going to be continual coverage. This team has too much great stuff going on not to write about. Here's my final blog post: http://jmike.blogs.atlantafa
  5. We're working to correct problems with the video (it is there and will work). But the audio is streaming.
  6. As promised, here is archived video. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/media_library/Videos/Executive_Interviews_and_Press_Conferences/2010/05/State_of_the_Franchise_-_5-12-10.aspx
  7. For anyone who missed the event, we're working to get an archived video on AF.com. Not sure of the exact time, but it's on its way.
  8. OK. If you're still having trouble, refresh your browser. If it's not starting, hit play.
  9. It's almost time to go at the second annual State of the Franchise event. We've got the Owner, the President, the GM and the Head Coach set to talk about all the issues concerning the team and the franchise and there have been some online questions selected from the past few days to be asked. The event is scheduled togo from 6:30 to 8 p.m. PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL is on now if you want to get it started. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/live
  10. Thanks for the kind words! Not sure if I'm quite ready for NFLN, but that certainly would be awesome! Anyway... Yes, we are planning an archived version. Since it will be a very big file I can't say exactly when it will be cut, uploaded and ready to go. But it will be on the site as soon as we can get it there.
  11. A reminder we'll be airing State of the Franchise -- featuring Falcons Owner and CEO Arthur Blank, President Rich McKay, General Manager Thomas Dimitroff and Head Coach Mike Smith tonight on AF.com starting at 6:30. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/live Enjoy!
  12. Thank you all for the VERY kind words of support. I've truly enjoyed working for all of you. Yes, I considered my job to inform you on a daily basis and I appreciate your readership. As it turns out, D. Led actually scooped me on this one. I wasn't quite prepared to say good bye. Working on some special stuff for the site so I hope you all stay tuned for that over the next week before I officially depart. Thanks again and best of luck to all of you!
  13. All the music I've been using was custom recorded for the Falcons. You can buy the album here and hear the music at the Dome. http://store.falcons365.com/Store/product/Falcons-Music-CD,1092,62.htm
  14. We're airing the State of the Franchise address with team decision makers next Tuesday, May 11 at 6:30 p.m. We're also gathering some fan questions, which could get asked of the panel. Falcons Owner and CEO Arthur Blank, President Rich McKay, General Manager Thomas Dimitroff and Head Coach Mike Smith will discuss the offseason and preview the 2010 season. All-in-all, it's the yearly recap of anything and everything Falcons. (Ask your questions and watch the event next week at this link) http://www.atlantafalcons.com/News/FalconsLIVE.aspx
  15. http://live.intrepid.atlantafalcons.com/draft/
  16. All, we'll be streaming Spoon's press conference LIVE on AF.com in DraftCast. Here's the link: http://live.intrepid.atlantafalcons.com/draft/
  17. Nothing with audio. Part of the plan, with strategy in mind, is to keep the audio out. That would make it too easy for other teams to find out the plan.
  18. Season tickets are on-sale now. Single-game tickets will likely go on-sale sometime in July or August. We'll make a big announcement on AF.com. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/tickets
  19. 2010 Atlanta Falcons Schedule* Click here for another listing and printable schedules 1 Sunday, Sept. 12 - Atlanta at Pittsburgh - 1 p.m. - FOX-TV 2 Sunday, Sept. 19 - Arizona at Atlanta - 1 p.m. - FOX-TV 3 Sunday, Sept. 26 - Atlanta at New Orleans - 1 p.m. - FOX-TV 4 Sunday, Oct. 3 - San Francisco at Atlanta - 1 p.m. - FOX-TV 5 Sunday, Oct. 10 - Atlanta at Cleveland - 1 p.m. - FOX-TV 6 Sunday Oct. 17 - Atlanta at Philadelphia - 1 p.m. - FOX-TV 7 Sunday Oct. 24 - Cincinnati at Atlanta - 1 p.m. - CBS-TV 8 Sunday, Oct. 31 - BYE WEEK 9 Sunday, Nov. 7, Tampa Bay at Atlanta - 1 p.m. - FOX-TV 10 Thu
  20. Hope everyone can enjoy some of our coverage during the NFL Draft! - J. Mike http://jmike.blogs.atlantafalcons.com/2010/04/20/full-slate-of-draft-coverage/ FULL SLATE OF DRAFT COVERAGE By J. Michael Moore | Published: April 20, 2010 | Edit Here’s a sneak peak at some of the AF.com NFL Draft coverage that will make its way out of Flowery Branch Thursday-Friday starting with some key websites: AF.COM DRAFT HOME: http://www.atlantafalcons.com/draft MESSAGE BOARDS: http://life.atlantafalcons.com FALCONS BLOGS (ongoing coverage in my blog): http://blogs.atlantafalcons.com TWITTER: Breaking news upd
  21. http://www.atlantafalcons.com./live We're chatting now with the Insider Finalists. Fan voting will open this afternoon. Winner announced Tuesday.
  22. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/News/Draft_Central/Draft_2010/Taco_Mac_Insider.aspx The polls are open and we're using your input to select the new face of AF.com video. Watch their interviews in the first skills competition, take in comments from celebrity judges and vote for the new Insider.
  23. Each night starts at 6 p.m. It's actually considered the John's Creek location but it has a Suwanee address.
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