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  1. Thanks for putting my mocks on the mock draft page! I really appreciate the publicity!

  2. J.Mikw, Have you seen William Moore and Peria Jerry in the building ?

    Also, Is there anyway you can interview them ?


  3. J Mike, I know you proabably are in the know more than anyone on this board. Anyway, my 3 year old son absolutely loves Matt Ryan, he has his jersey and ask me everyday, when football season was in, is Matt Ryan playing today. If I said no then he would start crying and getting upset. Could you please "im" me when Matt Ryan is having an Autograph session, he wants to meet him so bad....

  4. J Mike will ou pin a post regarding important dates in the offseason like you did last year. It was very helpful. Thanks!

  5. What are your thoughts on our linbacking core currently? Now that the steelers have released larry foote, do you believe he could become a falcon?

  6. J Mike,

    What´s up heard you and Mike M on falconcast great. Couple of questions;

    Was Harvey Dahl (HD the Jet Li of OG´s) signed?

    Falcons need Defensive players right--recently they´ve released or didn´t acquire the services of 3 Falcons all of whom were on the D side of the ball.

    D Foxworth went to the Ravens for 27.7 M; M. Boley is now with the Giants team f

  7. Props on your communication J Mike. I don't think another NFL team answers questions like the Falcons. Go Falcons!

  8. Hey Mike just wanna let u know that you do a great job on here, keep us updated on anything falcons baby. go falcons

  9. J Mike I forgotto PM you for Wednesday team mtg. Say Hello for me to Harv Dahl, thks if you did and if not a reminder to next week after we win NO this week that is. See on the blog for the gm thi weekend buddy...Go Harv Dahl and Falcons

  10. the falcons won 24-0, as im sure you are aware but you wrote 24-20. Just a die hard falcons fan correcting a blowout.

    Keep up the awesome work. Thanks: Spc. Pedro, Chris 4 ID, US Army, Baghdad Iraq

  11. To clear up any confusion, Coach Smith said on DaveFM a couple of weeks ago that his wife and daughter are still in Jacksonville until the end of the school year. At that time, they will move to Atlanta where the family will settle. Also, Smith said at his opening press conference he and his wife have family in the Atlanta area.
  12. Good question. Basically, the tie between the Raiders and Chiefs has already been broken do to the current tie breaking scenario. In short, the Raiders must pick just ahead of the Chiefs. So, the Falcons will start by flipping a coin with the Raiders. If the Birds win, they pick third, the Raiders, fourth, the Chiefs fifth. If the Raiders win, then there's a toss between the Falcons and Chiefs to see who picks fourth. It's broken down in this story... http://origin.atlantafalcons.com/News/Arti..._opponents.aspx
  13. I've received plenty of messages with questions regarding the coin flip at the Combine. As you all know, this flip between the Falcons, Raiders and the Chiefs (possibly) will decide if the Falcons pick third, fourth or fifth in the Draft. Early indications from the Falcons front office suggest the coin flip will be on Friday. The time is yet to be determined. Check this thread (and the blog) for up-to-date information as it becomes available.
  14. I wish I had a solid answer, but we don't know about the coin flip yet. I know this sounds strange, but it's basically a semi-casual decision between the teams involved and the NFL. A time and place are decided on when the teams arrive. We will let you know as soon as we hear something.
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