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  1. Wonder who it's for?
  3. Ohhh no don't try and down other posters for liking him over Deion Jones!
  4. And I don't know why he wants to retire and he had to get talked out of it. Can you tell me?
  5. Who did I talk down to? All I'm saying is that I think we dodged a bullet by not drafting him over Deion.
  6. Alot of you wanted him instead of Deion!
  8. Hes looking like a linebacker!
  9. Anyone know how much cap space we will have after we sign our rookies?
  10. Has anyone noticed the slight change in our symbol lately. Will our symbol have more white and silver than red? Any thoughts?
  11. So we can fill RG,FS,OT and RB tomorrow with those 4 picks!
  12. It's just pay back for when they traded up in front of us and took Demarcus Lawrence!