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  1. He played for the Seahawks too I think.
  2. If they pick up a couple of guards in the draft can’t they remove the tender then he will become a free agent?
  3. Last pick in the draft?
  4. Not Falcon related but have u guys seen this?
  5. Who is going to be our Fullback?
  6. Wonder who it's for?
  8. Ohhh no don't try and down other posters for liking him over Deion Jones!
  9. And I don't know why he wants to retire and he had to get talked out of it. Can you tell me?
  10. Who did I talk down to? All I'm saying is that I think we dodged a bullet by not drafting him over Deion.
  11. Alot of you wanted him instead of Deion!