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  1. I hope they cut him now. He does not have the face they want now. Oh, so that's where you're going with all of this. You're dimmer than even your posts indicated.Dimwit, Where am I going with it? Redman is better than Ryan. DJ can go somewhere and backup or start in chicago or seattle or tennessee.
  2. I hope they cut him now. He does not have the face they want now.
  3. Dimitroff and Ryan will out of Atlanta in 4 years.
  4. Some stupid fans drink to much Kool aid. That crap about Dorsey is a flat out lie to the fans. Tell us the truth.
  5. TD, you and king Aurther dumbest football people on the planet. Why the **** did we care if we won the coin toss if we pass on dorsey
  6. It looks like Smith has no input. He would take dorsey without a doubt.
  7. If you do not when that bet I will devestated.
  8. Dumbazz TD was not there when the Patriots drafted Brady
  9. To many good prospects with Booty, Woodson, Flacco, Braum to be taking a flyer on Ryan with the top pick. I will be so p oed for wasting my time.
  10. Even the Rams appear unable to say who will be their choiceBy Bernie MiklaszST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH04/26/2008Sports Columnist Bernie Miklasz [More columns] If this were politics instead of football, the Glenn Dorsey or Chris Long decision would be too close to call. Rams officials, personnel scouts and coaches have reviewed and debated the plusses and minuses of the LSU defensive tackle (Dorsey) and the Virginia defensive end (Long). And as of late Friday night, there was no clear-cut choice leading into today's NFL draft. At deadline, this is what I know: More than anything, the Rams would like to move out of the No. 2 spot, but can't find a viable trade partner. Why do the Rams want to move down? Simply: value for the dollar. The second overall pick will receive something in the neighborhood of $30 million in guaranteed money. In the best-case scenario, the Rams could move down a spot, or a few, and get Dorsey, Long or Ohio State defensive end Vernon Gholston while saving millions in guaranteed dollars. The phones were quiet Friday. Atlanta, which has the No. 3 pick, hasn't tugged at the Rams' bait. Why? For the same reason the Rams want to get out of the No. 2 hole: the amount of money that must be invested in the choice, when a player of roughly equal value can be tabbed a little later but for a lot less money. Dorsey is the highest-rated player on their board, but not by a wide margin over Long. The Rams consider Dorsey to be the player of greater potential and believe he's the most disruptive force in the draft. But he also carries more risk because of medical concerns over his leg and back. They view Long as the slightly lesser talent but he's considered the safer choice, and the pick that fills a more immediate need. The Rams will probably hold off on a final determination for as long as possible, hoping that a suitor makes a late run at that No. 2 spot. If the Rams stay at No. 2 and use the pick, Long is the slight favorite
  11. It is not worth the loss of one of the 2nd round picks to move up 1 slot. It is if they are going to pick Ryan if Dorsey is gone. Exactly, Drafting ryan biggest f up by this franchise ever.
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