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  1. It’s week 3. Y’all need to patience.
  2. Oh I thought you was talking about the fumble play. Yeah he should have ran that
  3. Run where there was pressure up the middle. So where was he supposed to go?
  4. How was that Ryan’s fault. The ball hit the receiver in the hands and he dropped it?
  5. Jake Mathews was greeted in 2014 when Mike Smith was still head coach
  6. Saw a Charles Woodson interview where he said he wanted to come to Atlanta when he was a free agent before signing with Green Bay
  7. As long as he never calls another play for the falcons I don’t care where he goes
  8. If we had at least a middle of the pack defense. We’d have at least 2-3 rings by now. 2010, 2012, and 2016. Our defense has let us down deep in the playoffs
  9. You really blaming Ryan when the defense and rub hand has been trash
  10. Where was he going to throw it to. He was in the pocket you cannot throw it out of bounds
  11. They played themselves, but he should have tipped that pass
  12. Ito Smith has been running the ball well and we put Brian Hill in the game. Koetter can kick rocks
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