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  1. Michael Turner too
  2. You really quoted all of that to post that? Lol
  3. Yes our offense carried us but we don’t make the super bowl if the defense did not improve
  4. We don’t make the super bowl if the defense didn’t improve. We were also starting 3 rookies on defense. Also do you remember how hot Green Bay was playing?
  5. Do you remember when the defense played waaayy better in 2016 towards the end of the season? Yeah that’s DQ
  6. You knew that they were playing to win for weeks now. Why are you still complaining?
  7. We got momentum going into next year.
  8. So glad this is Jordan Richards last day in a falcons uniform
  9. He’s probably going to take the broncos job
  10. There is no guarantee that a player drafted higher will be good
  11. They invest in the lines and we invest in skill players
  12. That was 8 years ago and he hasn’t done anything since
  13. Well it will definitely be cheaper now
  14. Now that’s something we all can agree on lol
  15. I’m pretty sure you could find losing records for every other coach in the league. Y’all want to act like missing 6 starters is not going to get exposed.