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  1. It’s not the same that play from Sunday was not designed for Ryan to run to the right
  2. The Vikings didn’t run a lot of 3 man sets yesterday.
  3. The conditioning is bad and the returning missing players are out of sync
  4. DQ already said that they’re on schedule to start next Sunday.
  5. He did it in 2017 when we played the cowboys
  6. Andrew Luck is overrated. What has he done to garner so much praise?
  7. He took Gronk out the game a couple of years ago when we went up to NE
  8. They made paragraphs for a reason
  9. You really quoted all of that to post that? Lol
  10. He's talking out both sides of his mouth, and cannot admit it so he uses sarcasm to get off topic.I also forgot these animals are skinned alive but it's OK since it's being used for food.
  11. Thank you that was the point we were making. Exactly
  12. LOL are you serious there were people on the first page of the thread that wanted him thrown in jail, even before the statement came out.
  13. It's been said plenty of times that nobody said they didn't care or it's justified just hypocritical
  14. man you just don't get it do you. Show me where I said that I don't care about the death of an animal I'll wait.