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  1. that would be an awesome pick up for sure! We could even move williams inside on 3rd and long situations to really turn up the heat..
  2. well to be honest with you chris houston looked pretty good last night against cincy.. I noticed that on his int against AJ Green he turned his head and finally made himself look like a legit corner. Sure the ball was under thrown but i just thought "why couldn't he have done that here" He's turning out to be a heck of a corner for the lions
  3. great vid man! I've been getting negged for wanting to see franks return some punts/kicks the guy is just as explosive as weems is in the return game.
  4. teams in that division better be prepared to run the ball 30+ times a game.. If they get aso they'd have no where to throw to except at the safety's. Jeesh the jets have the potential to have one of the best secondary's ever!!
  5. what's the word on dahl?? has he started talking to any other teams yet?
  6. how long and how much was his contract?
  7. on bigten network showed ND vs michigan st. Don't know if anyone else got to see it but the dudes got great coverage skills just lacks the ability to shed blocks and make tackles. He did have a few blown coverages but what corner doesn't? I think he's got a real good shot at making the team. Reminds a lot of tye hill.
  8. hillis, hardesty, and now b jackson ehh? not a bad trio of running backs to have..
  9. well the way i see it we may be going for osi. If we let clabo walk we should definetly get blalock back. i'd hate to have 3 new starters on the line when the season starts..
  10. that'd be a great pickup for us! i wonder what kind of money he is lookin to get if he gets traded
  11. to be honest i was never really high on edwards but at this point he seems to be the best option available if the price is right. Kiwi would be a great pick up but his injury history scares me alot..
  12. i feel ya man ive been waiting 130+ days to hear well absolutely nothing except the resigning of nic... which really isn't exciting at all.
  13. i know for sure they're not going to be able to keep one of the two even without getting aso.
  14. there's no way we restucture ryan's contract. last thing we need to do is piss him off. if anything we'll be extending his contract in a few years.
  15. i didnt know they was over the cap lol.... well off the topic anyone see Doug free's contract numbers yet? its reported he got a 4 year 32 mil contract. Maybe we get clabo back for around that amount..
  16. link him and derelle revis would make a deadly combo... well this shouldnt be good news to all the fans who wanted aso.
  17. well heck i might as well say no to get my posts up
  18. its already been said we are not interested in ray edwards or jason babin. i doubt we do anything but sign our own players this FA.
  19. i agree they paid him the same amount of money as matt ryan. i would of loved to have him but that's just crazy money for a DE.
  20. nah pass on him the guys been hurt these last few years and is getting older.
  21. Trust me much safer way to do backflips all be damned if we sign CJ and i go to do a backflip on the ground then break my neck!
  22. i think its been posted but not with the lil extra info
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