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  1. Kyle called a horrible second half, but he AND Ryan blew it in the final 5 minutes. Look at the final drive when we were in field goal range. In SHOTGUN formation, he moves back about 7 steps when the ball is in his hands, from which point he had about 3 seconds to see the push up the middle where he could have thrown the ball away and not lost so much yardage. He looked to the left then middle, then ran to his right to get away from the pass rushing player that was getting his hands on him, at the moment, he alone could have made the play to throw the ball away, but didn't. You think Brady wo
  2. What do you expect, we don't have any other option and he is being paid $100 million, so of course they would say that. I know if we had a viable backup option, Quinn would at least entertain the thought to save the season, but since we don't, what else is an organization to do?
  3. How many playoff wins does Ryan have again? There are ton's of Qb's over time that have put up numbers in the regular season, that doesn't mean crap. It's how far you take your team that counts. Ryan hasn't done anything with the chances we have gotten over the years, and is now worse then ever. Yes we have other issues, but he is the "guy", and has been for years, and hasn't done anything to prove he is a top tier QB where it counts: post season!
  4. All you have shown from everything you have written is plain and simple. Your a closet racist. You don't know anything about Reagan nor his politics, but as most conservatives you mention his name as if he was God, don't know the definition of socialism nor that of a republic. You have no life that you have to cry about how others live their lives, what they do, what they have, or don't have. You don't think our president is black, yet your "so highly educated". You play off like your 25, and your not, stop the lying, because most 25 year olds are not as delusional as you in your backward way
  5. I bet you would enjoy holding my hand, pervert... And no, I know how NOT to spin things. But your so well educated, you've shown it all night that you got Reagan down just like all historians do.. Yup, your highly educated there buddy....
  6. So you don't know your full history on Reagan and taxes, nor did you know our President is actually black, wow... I'll help you though: http://money.cnn.com/2010/09/08/news/economy/reagan_years_taxes/index.htm
  7. Nope I don't, nor do I want to, and I'm guessing over 70% of the forward thinking people living in our great country wouldn't either. We like to move our country forward sir, not take our country backwards. Again, get a life, and stop worrying about others and what they do, that's the freedom we have here. Oh and if your wondering, YES, evolution is real my friend.. enjoy your night..
  8. So now your name calling because doing that via the internet makes you tough huh? You sound like an old racist moron... Keep talking though, your colors are showing more and more... By the way, OUR president, show some respect, as he is YOUR president as well, IS black... But your educated though, right? Something tells me that's why your so upset with Obama and EBT cards, ummmm?
  9. You worrying about what others do, and how they live their lives, either shows you have no life, or, you want to dictate to others how you think they should act, do, be, etc.. You say your 25 which I doubt, cause you think and talk like a 60 year old that doesn't get out much, what have you done for your country other then run your mouth? Probably nothing. Have you served, have you done anything to give back to this great country other then complaining like a female about what others do with their time/"your money"... I have much more important things to do then to worry about what someone els
  10. So Obama created this huh? So you have NO life is basically what your saying, that you must worry about others and what they are doing. "put in my car, paid since the day I got it", so you paid straight cash the day you got your car? Right buddy. I think a lot of people base their political beliefs on social issues only. There is a **** of a lot more involved than social issues. Being lazy and entitled is the norn. I bet your a cheerleader. You know the type, the ones that call for wars and to fight, but when it's time for the action, you rather have someone like me do your fighting. I kno
  11. Why not worry about yourself and your doings, then what others are doing? I'm from Texas, and trust me, MOST of Texas is not as stupid as the petition, nor the morons that "think" they speak for our state, like that idiot Gov Perry.. Stop worrying about what others do, worry about yourself and live your life. I swear sometimes I wish I had never joined the corps to go fight for my country, because many of you don't deserve the freedoms you have, and should be allowed to be taken away as they do in many other countries.. When Bush was driving our country downhill with lies and false wars and ru
  12. uh, he has the right to laugh at us, who won today? We didn't, sloppy play on defense, missed plays, penalty's everywhere, missed redzone touchdown's, you name it, we did it, and we lost, and they have a ring, we don't. Until we do something in the playoffs, and play up to our potential and not down to the level of other teams, we don't deserve any respect. You earn respect, we didn't do that today.
  13. I wonder if some of you are even fans, and if you even know football. The guy averaged 1300 yards a year for us, minus his injury year, and though at times it seems like he is running slow, he has the chance to run for big gains each time he has the ball, and is hard to tackle. You can't find that just anywhere. I've seen worst actions off the field and more support for people, uh, remember Vick? He still has lot's of play in him, is a team guy, and can fix his off the field problems. He isn't going anywhere, unlike some on this board, the people that run the team and KNOW football, know how m
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