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  1. That’s what happens when you let Glanville and Cameron take the rookies to The Varsity! Yes that’s sarcasm!
  2. Yeah the answer is no, we didn't run a ZBS....I'll make it easy for you since you can't acknowledge the truth.We will find out after this season if Devonta can work in this system or not, but basing your view on last years squad is idiotic.
  3. Did we run a ZBS last season dude??? Seriously, are you cherry picking what I write or only reading what you want to see?
  4. Yet here we are with a page of Gurley threads all over the front page??? Ok bush it....smh
  5. http://youtu.be/Cu8AtuzQaKU Watch these highlights, dude works inside, outside and on the goal line....get some blocking up front and we already got what we need.
  6. I watch FSU games just as much as you guys, and you know he runs through the tackles and then bursts outside. Now when your talking at the goal line, why invest in a RB at 8 to satisfy that need? Not only that Gurley had trouble making through 12 game seasons at UGA, now suddenly everyone thinks he can handle the load of a 16 game NFL season? If we were able to move back into the first and grab him later, I would be on board but I see more pressing needs that can be addressed at our first pick.
  7. Sorry man, but this absolutely true, every UGA fan wants the local hero to play here, nothing wrong with that, just at our pick position that's not a wise idea. I think the SEC favortism is pretty rampant around here, but when that's the games you mainly watch you tend to gravitate towards those players.
  8. Using Freeman's stats from one year in a different scheme is kind of tailoring towards your view don't you think? If you watched him play at FSU in a ZBS, you would see how productive he was, even eclipsing the 1000 yard mark in a RBBC. Just because he isn't a household name after one season doesn't mean the guy can't produce.
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