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  1. We go 6-2 without Trufant and everyone thinks CB is a first round need? LOL Unless we have a shot at Brown or Kinlaw, I would trade back and grab Kenneth Murray, then do what it takes to get Gallimore or Blacklock with second pick. Spend our 3rd on a CB.
  2. This signing allows us to go after a top tier OL in the second, a Kinlaw/Cushenberry 1-2 would be amazing! Also possible to trade up for Derrick Brown...ohh the possibilities!
  3. One year prove it deal, and if we don’t try to use him as a workhorse it just might work. GA homers will be flocking to the Benz in droves, lol, AB making sure MBS is packed this year.
  4. Thats true, especially if Cominsky makes good strides in season 2. I just don't trust in Takk, hope he proves me wrong, but feel we need another young rusher.
  5. Unless we trade back and acquire another pick we might need to hope to grab one in FA. Again, if we sign a vet CB, you could add Willie Gay or Jordyn Brooks as possible LB targets for the Pride pick. And we all know post draft players get traded or cut so we still have options.
  6. I think its likely Swift will be the first off the board and at the 32 spot for KC, Taylor has better odds to fall to us as RB's are not as valued as they previously were. Dobbins wouldn't be a bad consolation prize though.
  7. Well after the Fowler signing I think our draft becomes a little more open as far as what direction we go. Personally I feel the D front line is still missing a few pieces, and I feel CB can be had a little later with the emergence of Sheffield last year. Some of theses guys like Pride and Lemieux may go earlier but as of today this is close to where they will be available. Love it or hate it, its just for fun, but I really wouldn't mind it going this way. Round 1 - Javon Kinlaw - DL - SC Round 2. Jonathan Taylor - RB - WIS Round 3. Bra
  8. If Kinlaw is there at 16, run to the podium! If not i would trade back, look for Gallimore or Blacklock in late first, grab Taylor/Dobbins/Swift with whoever’s available In the 2nd and hope Dantzler is there with pick we acquire trading back.
  9. LOL, so because a player signs with another team it’s instantly DQ and TD’s fault. No wonder you are disappointed and for that matter half the posters on here. You can hope to sign all these guys but if you get let down on signing day it’s because you gave yourself false hopes and that’s on you. I guess those 30 other GM’s and coaches are terrible too for not signing the flavor of the year FA.
  10. Look at Debbie downer making the rounds, I’m quite certain the board knows you don’t like Hurst by you posting in every single thread.
  11. Hooper going to a Browns team that’s nowhere close the the Falcons attack and Hurst going from a run oriented team to more of a pass first team...I think that’s a fair assessment!
  12. Exactly!!! People on the boards thinking they’ll get quality production out of a first year TE like Kmet or Trautman, then cry all offseason why we didn’t address it. Hurst is probably thrilled to be in a pass happy offense and his blocking will be an added dimension Hooper didn’t give us.
  13. Sadly putting DQ and TD on notice means they will be doing everything to save their hide even if it means making moves for the now and not the future.
  14. Dudes knees are shot and no one is taking that contract.
  15. Everyone on this board is in win now mentally, you gonna tell me you think Graham is ready to take Hoops spot?? Freaking please, if you drafted a TE in the 2nd or 3rd you think they would be ready?? The talent level is sub par at best in the draft, this is a great move in terms or personnel and cap value...saved us 8 mill a year and it’s one position less we need to worry about. Just imagine if you negative Nancy’s didn’t have something to nit pick, you be complaining about the Falcons aren’t doing anything.
  16. Funny how people still think the Falcons are going to attack FA and trades just how they want it. Maybe, just maybe they are waiting on specific players they are targeting to become available.
  17. Sounds like cap will increase to 198.2 for this year (10 mill increase), will add one extra playoff team to this year from each conference and 17th game will be added between 2021-2024 TBD. Players got the better end of the this if you look at the deal, 17th game really might be meaningless with teams already set for playoffs and only the highest seed getting a bye. No BS until 2030!!
  18. Pretty sure most everyone knew we weren’t going after him, had a better chance of getting the lottery numbers correct than signing him.
  19. It’s gonna be a long weekend if one of you fools don’t throw up some fake Nike insider news about our Uni’s.
  20. I am almost certain, albeit no facts, that all the leaks have been on purpose to try to calm the frenzy down of getting a first look...so many supposedly “Nike” guys with totally different views of what they saw.
  21. Ohhh no one likes a bragger! Hahah...jk...nice
  22. So who’s going to do a mock up of the latest leak? I swear I feel like TD, Blank and Quinn are gonna pop outta the reveal like “gotcha!” and break out the real versions instead of all the fakes they “leaked” out.
  23. Pretty much every mock I’ve done has me choosing Taylor, Dobbins or Swift at 47. The only time I haven’t is when Chaisson and Kinlaw have both been scooped and the only option is Wirfs. In that scenario I usually look for Blacklock or Gallimore at 47, then Dobbins or Akers at 55.
  24. I know he said he pushed for them, but so did the fans, almost everyone on these boards has. I just don’t think whether you love them or hate them it’s on Quinn’s shoulders to take the blame or credit is all I’m saying. I just hope they satisfy the majority and we can worry about more troublesome things than uniforms.
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