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  1. Pretty easy to conclude if you actually read the other thread that’s 110+ pages. Like you said, everyone can like or dislike them but the questionable design choices are more aligned with those that don’t like them. Also, the logo is fine, it’s far superior than the actual relic which is the original Falcon a five year could draw which many on these boards wanted to go back too. You can’t make everyone happy and surely will never get a consensus on one design everyone wanted.
  2. Nah, I’ve seen it over many years, I just choose not to participate in the BS, too many things in my regular life to worry about than online posters. If you are going for the ban though make it worth it I say!! Hah
  3. Did they? Did they tell us the design? People wanted the black on black and got it. Others like me, maybe you and many others wanted red helmets. There was so many various opinions in the other thread you can not honestly say everyone wanted the same look. It literally was a **** show of different combos so how in the world would listening to fans lead you to believe they messed up? Im not attacking you just FYI, just saying it you read back through those 110+ pages there is no way that you could say there is one specific design would’ve made everyone happy. IMO
  4. If you think I suck up to anyone on these boards then you clearly don’t know a thing about me. Just find it amusing you could be baited into getting angry by anyone on these boards...don’t let me get in the way of your tirade.
  5. Quarantine has someone a little on edge today...
  6. So you basically wanted a replica of an old uniform, many people didn’t. Not everyone wants to live in the past, although i like that uniform as well. You are pretty much tunnel vision on one look which is fine but I also dig unique looks and I feel this is probably the only solution to try to appease everyone. I was dead set for a red helmet but it won’t make me hate the uniforms since they stuck with the black.
  7. I guess not, pretty much Falcons related boards and pages...I could care less what Twitter verse says honestly. That new pic with the different color combos makes me like them even more. I remember when everyone dogged Seattle and their new Uni’s and they are now considered one of the best, so knee jerk reactions don’t influence me.
  8. Well I guess you’ll be in misery then because many people outside this small sampling of fans actually like them. To each their own.
  9. Like i said there are things I’d rather not have but some people actually like the font size and pointy numbers...probably the players! If this is what the players wanted then I’m behind them, shoot that’s what fans do.
  10. If there is anything these boards have proven it doesn’t matter what the design of these were, the majority wouldn’t like them initially. So many want 90’s era, gray, red helmet, etc that there simply was no way they would make all of these needy posters satisfied. I actually like the design, are there things I don’t like...yes, but all in all pretty happy with the new look. Call it arena league or whatever other catch phrase put down you need, but happy with this look for the next 5 years. Getting my order in for the new black next Tuesday!
  11. They got you on a string dude , every day complaining how they don’t have you a release date, or how people aren’t doing their job. Shoot they own you right now, daily whining and you still got nothing! All you Veruca Salts and “I want it now!” you just have a week left, you’ll be ok.
  12. I get everyone is bored in quarantine but seriously, are we that bored we are dwelling on the past?
  13. Mismanaged?? Lol, yet here we are talking about possible uniforms, 85 pages long and not a leak...I’d say they are on point.
  14. Got an email Thursday about 50% off The new jersey with more information coming this week...maybe we’ll have a definitive release date.
  15. This is someone trying to get players to a certain team, there’s no way Brown or Kinlaw get past the Falcons. Would be hard to pass on Diggs Or Uche with the second as well...that shores up 2 of our top three needs. I only want Chaisson if BPA on the board.
  16. Reserved 1. Isaiah Simmons 2. Javon Kinlaw 3. CJ Henderson 4. Chase Young 5. A.J. Epenesa 6. Klavon Chaisson 7. Zach Baun 8. A.J. Terrell 9. Jeff Gladney 10. Cam Akers 11. Matt Hennessy 12. Tyler Biadasz 13. Cameron Dantzler 14. Bradlee Anae 15. Amik Robertson 16. Ross Blacklock 17. Alton Robinson 18. Willie Gay Jr 19. Reggie Robinson 20. Davion Taylor Tie Breaker 1: DL, CB, LB, RB, G, DE Tie Breaker 2: DL, LB
  17. Dude all you do is complain about the team, why even bother show up here? Just a broken record that no one cares about.
  18. I personally think if Kinlaw or Brown are not reachable via trade up or at pick 16 then they will go LB in Murray. You have two CB’s that went 6-2 down the stretch, no point in replacing a starter especially with one that shys from tackling. Round 2-3 is where I think they’ll find a CB because i don’t think TD and DQ have fixed the pass rush in just signing Fowler.
  19. Adding depth, don’t overthink it
  20. I’ll never understand the mentality on these boards sometimes, you whine,cry, ***** and moan about not enough depth and when the team signs depth you do the same. Treadwell is not coming onto the team with any guarantees, why should he at this point, he hasn’t shown any reason in his pro career. The thing is, like another poster stated, he has the potential and with Ryan and Julio, you may see a revival in the mans career, enough being judgmental and lets see how it plays out.
  21. Poor Cam needs a new team so he can continue to buy his expensive women’s clothing.
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