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  1. Wouldn’t want him anywhere near our team! Yeah he is good at what he does but that level of being unprofessional is saved for the Bengals.
  2. When your job is on the line it’s not a pointless game. Would you half *** your job if it meant the company stocks went up but you got fired? I highly doubt it, enough of the wondering why players don’t quit on the season.
  3. Really liked the outside the norm draft, but for a team in win now mode, there’s zero chance the Birds are trading back into the first for a QB. It’s more likely they take Kinlaw/Chaisson/Henderson and trade back up to grab Delpit.
  4. Agreed, I must have misread then, just saw you lobbying hard for a Trufant replacement and I think that’s a position we can address round 2-3. Not high on Henderson whatsoever. In order to contain Brees and Brady you gotta have pressure in the middle, it can’t all be on Grady and that’s why you gotta get a Brown or Kinlaw in the first. You do that those young DB’s will look like world beaters. We get Miller back week 5 And like you said a vet pickup and a rookie in mid rounds we should be in business!
  5. Not pre draft, most the board wanted Glenn Dorsey and to grab Brohm in the 2nd because he “was almost the same as Ryan”...glad that didn’t happen!
  6. **** with your wonderful analysis we should’ve went 0-8 the last games, I mean Tru was everything in the secondary. 1-7 with, 6-2 without...tired of watching Tru throw his hands up like it was always someone else’s responsibility on blown coverages or watching him trying to play catch up on getting burnt. Dude was an overpaid nice guy but we got better results without him. If you think Henderson is going to be a difference maker in year one then keep drinking the Kool Aid, we don’t need a DB scared of making tackles.
  7. Best player huh? You mean the injured guy who sat out the last 8 games while we went 6-2? OK...yeah you should re watch some game film from last season.
  8. I picked up two with the STH specials, Home black #11, and an away white #2...going to pick up the Vapor Gurley when it goes on sale.
  9. I really don’t see how people don’t get if you take away the step up for Brees and Brady how much better your DE’s become. If you want to win the south fix the interior defensive line.
  10. So STH get the 50% off special but everyone is able to purchase. What player and what style are you going with? I’m going with our soon to be traded QB Ryan (lol) in home black and a JJ home black for my brother. I gotta see the gradient in person before I travel that road.
  11. If we are going all in don’t screw around and go all the way up for Young.
  12. No worries in Canton, somehow slept through the sirens.
  13. It must be fun entertaining a fantasy, but Ryan isn’t going anywhere. 5stripes you sound like a spoiled United fan who will have a complete meltdown when J Martinez retires and AU has their first down season (it will be epic watching it happen). But have fun trying to convince any rational fan the idea of moving on from consistency to uncertainty.
  14. Yeah the sharks (aka neighbors) circled the house at the four hour mark and brought some beer...they are all gone until the next round. I’m thinking surf and turf for tomorrow after seeing your pics.
  15. Dude that looks delicious! Some ribs I made for today...
  16. I guess I shouldn’t post the pictures of the ribs I just took off the BGE
  17. Maybe if Miami snags Tua they can add a Tua Fish Sandwich to their game day menu?
  18. I was informed yesterday that CFA has a spicy grilled chicken but its not on the menu....sounds pretty good right about now.
  19. Comments like that is what got this corona stuff all started, don’t be dissing gods chicken..lol
  20. It’s absolutely comical seeing all these posts whining about a once a year jersey. With everything going on that’s all you can complain about? A few of you posters have made the rounds in every thread to say the same thing over and over but it won’t change a thing, buckle up buttercups, you’re stuck with this look once a season.
  21. Nice mock, I’d rather take Shaquille Quaterman at 4A than the 3rd best LSU backer with off the field issues, but otherwise would be happy with this.
  22. Wow, is there anything Julio can’t make look better other than getting a tattoo? Heh, now that does look like fire!
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