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  1. Name em bud, all I see is you throw out any handful of reaches that could possibly start. Saying no one on the forum wanted him shows you have a sheep mentality and follow what mockers and armchair GM idiots believe we will do. So since no one on the board had him going to us it’s a bad pick, lol, **** dude if you put your faith in message board player wants you will always be letdown.
  2. It’s making unrealistic expectations like this that contribute to your draft meltdowns. I’d love to know your starter that we missed on at pick 16. I’d also like to know your CB at pick 47 and on that is guaranteed to step in and contribute immediately if we didn’t take Terrell. As much as you complain about this team it’s a wonder you even follow them.
  3. Considering Dallas would’ve taken Terrell at 17 if Lamb isn’t there or the Raiders at 19 it’s not a reach. It’s only because people wanted a certain player based on a million mock drafts they had done. Everyone has a knee jerk reaction on draft day, I wasn’t exactly psyched at first until you look at the board and realize as far as team fit and what we needed most, this was the best pick for our squad. Also one game doesn’t make the man, check any NFL CB and they don’t ball out every game.
  4. Exactly, i like our chances at a top safety or grabbing a beast DT. I’m hoping a couple of guys slide to us that I’m really impressed with. It’s obvious with what was on the board at 16 that Terrell was the right pick looking at our needs and teams not trading.
  5. That would’ve been real bright, let’s give up on the season for a dude that is so overhyped it’s ridiculous. Mentality like this, it’s no wonder you guys are whining so bad.
  6. Not with the Falcons, they weren’t giving us Kinlaw. I guess in your mind we could’ve traded with anyone? All week long we were the team being the most aggressive to move up and the only trade ahead of us was a baby swap of 13/14. Once you wrap your head around this fact the better off you’ll be.
  7. At 16?? Lmao...and your *****ing about reaching? You should just quit for the night instead of making a fool of yourself. That dude will likely be available in the third round.
  8. Hard to maneuver when no one wants to trade. You’re just pissed because after all the mock drafts you read and done the player you thought we would take wasn’t there and now it’s tantrum time. Gotta admit though watching you meltdown like hot ice cream is hilarious.
  9. Yeah go on believing that! Just proves your credibility with any worthwhile football knowledge is minimal.
  10. The players you wanted to select at 16 for DL are still on the board.
  11. Not really, wasn’t my pick but if Oliver or Sheffield get injured you think anyone at pick 47 or later would be ready? I’ll accept a position of need and now seeing a run than taking a player we don’t need just because it’s a name you’ve read in mock drafts. We got plenty of picks to fill our other needs.
  12. Blacklock and Baun can be added to that list
  13. Once the haters recover from their juice box hangovers you are gonna be happy we didn’t settle for the 6-8th best CB at 47.
  14. You’re following the wrong team if you think the Falcons are looking three years ahead.
  15. 2nd - Gallimore/Blacklock/Winfield/Baun 3rd - Hennessy/Anae
  16. Hahah, the run on pacifiers is gonna way overshadow the N95 masks in the ATL tomorrow.
  17. There’s been one trade, doesn’t appear anyone is willing to trade this first round so wishing is about all we would be doing as far as moving up.
  18. Who you taking that isn’t a reach, I mean I’d love to hear your sure fire pick.
  19. Unlike in your numerous mock drafts, and madden games you are not guaranteed a willing trade up or down partner. If you think it’s automatic then you are a fool. Do not like the pick but CB is a need and seeing a 2nd round CB get to the Raiders at 19 tells you our choice likely wouldn’t be there at 47 anyways. Do what it take to secure Gallimore or Blacklock and keep working.
  20. Dude that could happen to any player you pick no matter where in the draft. We could trade back and the (2) highest players “COULD” have ACL tears and you’re now down two players....all a bunch of possibilities.Tip toe’ing ain’t gonna get you to a Lombardi.
  21. The definition of insanity, when you keep doing the same **** and expect different results. Preaching about improving pass rush all offseason and your key improvement is swapping out Beasley with Fowler. Expect the same 6 seconds for even the average QB to rip apart our CB’s. Talk about reaching! I hope for the franchise sake this is all smoke.
  22. Yeah that’s at 16 but if you think he is picking at 16 that’s a different scenario. I think he knows exactly who he wants in the top 5-10.
  23. Meanwhile this same exec is hoping that throwing out rhetoric like this will drive Simmons to his teams pick. Pre draft chatter is a bunch of horse ****, but if it’s on the internet it must be true!
  24. I would go Simmons, even though I am high on Okudah as well. We need a game changer added to our defense and Simmons fits the bill best.
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