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  1. And the winner for worst draft post goes to the guy who doesn’t understand a thing about the evaluation process. WoW!
  2. Perhaps in your mind it’s a C-, you know because it’s players you weren’t expecting based on months of talking heads, these forums and mock drafts which all amount to crap if we’re being honest. I see the draft as a solid B, got players of need and good players at that. Added depth we we are lacking as well, some of you guys just will never be happy and that’s cool, totally your decision but for the rest of us we will enjoy this new group of Falcons.
  3. That usually happens when all the players they’ve seen mocked to the falcons in countless drafts are (not) surprisingly drafted by us.
  4. A 230 pound linebacker that needs to put on weight, what does Debo play at? Unless they are converting him to end that’s a solid weight.
  5. Thinking you will get more than one day one starter out of the draft is setting yourself up for disappointment. Unless you have multiple first round picks and a depleted roster it is absurd to think otherwise.
  6. Falcon board mentality...”Fix the lines”, 2019-2020 draft as we fix the lines...”what are they doing, fire everyone!” You are spot on, not flashy but getting the players we need. Perfectly happy the way this draft has unfolded as well
  7. So since that’s what some of the fans wanted we should take their limited knowledge compared to NFL scouts and debate something that won’t change? Some of these threads are worse than clickbait.
  8. Boo ******* Hoo! **** you whine right up there with the best of them!
  9. I can’t see us going offense in round 4. Davion Taylor, Troy Dye, Malik Harrison and Kenny Willekes all solid options
  10. Yeah he trolled so much had to change his name from 5Wipes to this new one.
  11. I hope everyone has prepared themselves for the chance (likely) we dont grab the player you think we will.
  12. Dang and my money was off 2 picks early!
  13. My money is he goes to the Dolphins with their first pick in the second round.
  14. Can’t blame the guy, been putting in the work and Gronk comes along after goofing the last year and is considered the starter. I’d want to move on to a different team as well, the Brady effect gonna backfire! HAHA
  15. So you got some inside scoop that the 9’ers were offering to trade with us? Take Lamb when the defense needs the most retooling? Take a MLB when we got Debo in that role? Could do this all day as well...when you believe some mock draft boards over NFL scouting no wonder you’re disappointed.
  16. So just like the draft played out, no one was willing to move except SF which was a swap of 13/14. So what you going to do when the trade you think you can pull doesn’t materialize? All this talk “I would’ve traded up or down” is just fantasy unless you have a team taking or offering a quality deal.
  17. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I’ll believe it when I see it, Birds ain’t moving up. Lol
  18. That’s all you do bro, nothing but negative comments and wishing for player failure, exactly what a fan isn’t.
  19. Lesson in reality, the NFL is nothing like your video games where you can have a perfect team, but if all you can find is negative in the team you really should find something else to follow.
  20. Can’t answer it can you...just stop embarrassing yourself.
  21. So trade up and lose picks for a bigger reach in Henderson who is so overblown because of his make up ability, or take a LB who excels in run stopping but a liability in pass coverage. Great picks! LMAO...glad they didn’t follow that plan.
  22. Yeah go back to watching soccer man, quite certain if you are cheering for a player to fail your opinion isn’t needed around here.
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