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  1. 1 hour ago, marvinthemartian said:

    After watching the game last night I think I could get behind trading down maybe with SF to around the 12th spot or wherever they pick, drafting Najee Harris there if he is really our guy and then picking up Mac Jones late 1st or early second then defense with everything else. 

    Najee is obviously good and I think Mac is going to make someone a surprisingly good NFL QB. I say that fully acknowledging the fact that he has NFL talent all around him at Bama. 

    On board with that but i feel it’s one or the other and then work on the defense. If you could land Jones with your second (2nd) then sign me up. Otherwise get Najee in here and get FS and DE in round two.

  2. 1 hour ago, JetJones11 said:

    🤮🤮🤮 Louis Riddick and Eric Bienemy needs to be the hire show the world we are a real franchise , everyone saying we have the worst opening ... this is how you invigorate the fan base

    You’ll be crying if Riddick comes along, he’s said on record multiple times Ryan will be the QB in ATL for the next 2-3 seasons and we all know your disdain for Ryan. Better find you another GM to pair with your coach of choice.

  3. 2 hours ago, RetroRoq said:

    By other unforeseen event, do you mean like operate a dog-fighting ring up on a large lot at a farmhouse you bought in the Virginia burbs where your cousins stay at and then when one of the cousins gets pulled over for a ticket he gives the police the address where the dogs are and then the cousin doesnt show up at court or pay the fine so they send the marshal to the farmhouse to find the cousin and when looking around the marshals find the cages with all the dogs?

    You mean that kind of unforeseen event? Nah, very unlikely.

    LOL, that could be one but I was leaving it open to anything that would prevent said QB from playing outside of being a bust or a major injury.

  4. 2 hours ago, Romfal said:

    nothing is guaranteed, but the talent is there to not be considered a "reach"

    I get that, just trying to figure out how people think it’s a slam dunk for the player they want to be a HOF’er. Would be the same as me saying Parsons/Sewell/etc are a lock as a 13 year player...no one knows.

  5. 7 hours ago, theDIRTYcode said:

    The misconception of those not wanting to draft a QB at 4 vs those of us who do, is we hate Matt Ryan. News flash, we dont hate Matt Ryan. Most of us love him in fact.

    It's not about next year.....its not about Matt Ryan. 

    Its about the next 13 years, and its about the Atlanta Falcons. I want what's best for the team, and imo, that's taking a QB.

    LMAO...so you think if we draft a QB with our 4th pick he is guaranteed a 13 year career without bust/injury or other unforeseen event? 


  6. 6 minutes ago, joeyg2033 said:

    ***but want to fix it by drafting a position we don’t need***...   See me in two years when you will give your left arm in having either Fields or Wilson.  

    Send those winning lottery picks since you can foresee the future and Sam Darnold calls BS on your high draft QB will be great theory. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, JetJones11 said:

    It’s not about that Jags need more than a QB but if you don’t have the right QB you have nothing Matt is good but why can Brady put up 40 plus and we can’t ? All those weapons ? AB needs to listen to the fans even when fans were allowed the stadium would be half empty we want Justin Fields we want a young offensive minded HC and a good GM to hold things together it’s time to reset we’ve been slowly declining since 28-3 we finally hit rock bottom it’s time to blow it up and start fresh 

    So you think a rookie QB is going to make the WR’s get open within 3 seconds? And to answer the question, our defense is terrible, that’s why Brady can hang 40 on us. You acknowledge our defense sucks but want to fix it by drafting a position we don’t need to do it.

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