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  1. I’ll miss Julio on the sideline for 3rd and goal opportunities...
  2. Quite certain they knew this was coming when they drafted Pitts. Also, using DK’s numbers compared to AS is like comparing a pinto to a corvette. Let’s wait and see how our new scheme looks on the field before passing judgement.
  3. ****, tough choice between Willams and Moerig
  4. Congrats, well earned and respected poster/mod
  5. Thank goodness the organization made the right choice, welcome Pitts!
  6. I am going away from the norm because I know we never pick the guy they say we will. Judging by what NO did when TF was there and that’s building Interior lines to keep the QB clean. ATL selects Penei Sewell at the 4th.
  7. You are looking a little pale, I think you are coming down with something, I’d advise you stay at home and drink bourbon and watch some tv.
  8. Obviously you do since you quoted me, and to be fair you seem pretty concerned about everyone reading your same worn out bash Ryan/draft a QB post since Feb...you got a day and half champ, make it count!!
  9. Probably thinking only 2 more days and OP might have to have more relevant posts than we gotta draft a QB...Pete and repeat...
  10. By not getting one day one starter this draft is what you claimed it to be. Some decent players but bypassing Javonte Williams in the second should have you banned from making mocks! JK, of course but really missed an opportunity for the win now Blank is preaching.
  11. Yeah they gave him about 2 seconds before rusher was past the guard. Did you really watch the OL play last year? Getting away from Koetters play calling will help for sure but just look at Brees improvement when he never had interior pressure to worry about.
  12. This is the reason I don’t see the team taking a QB, maybe they will, but AB doesn’t have time on his side and wants to win now.
  13. Any mock with stealing Marvin Wilson is solid with me! Would be outstanding for us!
  14. Great mock, and love the trade up for Najee. This false belief you can’t take a RB in round 1. Is kinda dumb, if you have a need for the best RB and he won’t be there when you pick, then why not move up for him? You are playing by someone else’s plan than executing your own. Trade up and settle that position for 5 years.
  15. They also had a NEED for a QB in 08’...that’s a nice slant to justify an agenda though.
  16. This is more than likely the truth, with news breaking we are trying to move out of the fourth spot it makes a QB desperate team think they better deal in case Terry gets his way. There is no chance they are divided on the future of this club as this was determined prior to being hired. They definitely know where they are headed and this is all smoke screen to drive up the price.
  17. If they want the fourth QB off the board they’ll trade, otherwise we might just say F It and take one. That’s where DET loses their leverage
  18. How many wins were the 2016 Falcons predicted to get? I don’t care what someone randomly predicts, I’ll wait to see how a team performs on the field.
  19. I like your thinking on 2nd round trade down, but I would hope to grab Javonte Williams with the 2nd rounder and be pleased to picked up Hamsah in the third. Grab a late round QB in the 5th and I think this would be stellar.
  20. I’m saying you do what you want and I’ll do what I want, your chances will diminish purely off of team research and evaluation than will taking a player ranked number one at another position. It won’t guarantee that the top ranked player will outperform the QB4 but without the power of hindsight you won’t know either. Maybe teams should forego Lawrence and Wilson and take Lance at 1-2 if you are assuring greatness?
  21. That’s fine but arguably we have more pressing needs than QB. Regardless whether it’s coaching system or not our OL was terrible last year, especially on the interior. Julio missed how many games and comes out seemingly every third down or every other play? There’s also no fear from opposing teams with Hayden Hurst no matter how much the board tries to fluff him up. Without the position being a dire need, no way I would value QB4 over the top of other positions of need, just my opinion.
  22. Using hindsight to cherry pick scenarios that work and don’t work doesn’t make you knowledgeable.
  23. Totally get what the OP is saying and have to agree. I am not passing on OL1, TE1, or WR1 to take QB4. Yeah everyone will say it depends on a teams board and where they have him ranked...yada yada. All teams have researched and interviewed these players to a degree most of us are not in the know of information wise. To me you don’t pass on the Ferrari to pick up last years Corvette, so why take what most of the league will view as a 4th best player at a position than the guy projected to be number one at his? Contrary to what some believe Ryan is still a very good QB, now if we were trotting A
  24. I’m all for Pitts but it also means saying goodbye to Najee and Javonte, that would almost seal up our need to get a safety with our second rounder,. I just can’t see this defense going with a third or fourth round rookie starter. Then again what do I know about who’ll be good to start right out the gate. Unless Holland or Grant were available in round three. I was sold on Sewell or Slater but the mismatches Pitts would provide would be worth passing on OL.
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