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  1. This is where disappointment comes to a good portion of the fan base, they see a mock draft and believe that’s our pick. I hope you are stocking up on Kleenex come draft day because I haven’t seen a mock correctly make our pick in a long time.
  2. So this is what boredom on a Friday night looks like...
  3. Do we take the red pill or the blue pill? Who knew we swiped Morpheus from the Saints?
  4. Don’t rule out the raiders...missing out twice in a row for the playoffs, Gruden needs a WR1 and might be a suitor.
  5. Though I hate the idea of taking a OL at 4, I would entertain it on two conditions: A: Trade back to the 10-12 range for draft capital B. Trade Julio to a team in the 17-23 pick slot to acquire Najee Harris. I think Slater will be better than Sewell, and would take him if both were available.
  6. The fact you know Amazon has a Brady thong is more concerning than him denying it.
  7. Georgia fans want him so they call yell “GO Dobbs!” and half of you probably did so in your head while reading this.
  8. On board with that but i feel it’s one or the other and then work on the defense. If you could land Jones with your second (2nd) then sign me up. Otherwise get Najee in here and get FS and DE in round two.
  9. I want Najee on this team bad but I believe we can trade down with SF who will salivate getting a Fields/Wilson. Use the 12th on Najee and it’s maximizing the draft leverage we have at the top. From there build the defense.
  10. Love the first four picks but to get Najee it would likely cost our (2) 2nds to move up. Still Parsons/Harris and Holland would be a solid first three.
  11. Every draft is full of dreams, kinda like TATF and the lust for the 3rd or 4th best QB at our pick, so yeah I’m aiming high tonight! LOL
  12. I know, pretty sure we would have to trade up to get him, then again maybe we trade down with Pitt for a kings ransom and get Najee anyways??
  13. Shut your mouth about Najee 🤬 He is coming to the ATL
  14. Sounds like he is waiting for Reid to retire and take over. Don’t see a perfect job opening, otherwise that team wouldn’t be looking to hire a new coach.
  15. Sounds like damage control, who would want to interview with a team if how they performed was leaked? Terrible either way and very unprofessional look for the Falcons to leak out whether it was good or bad.
  16. Depending on coaching staff of course it’s hard to tell who I’d want right away although Justin Simmons at FS would be a nice start.
  17. You’ll be crying if Riddick comes along, he’s said on record multiple times Ryan will be the QB in ATL for the next 2-3 seasons and we all know your disdain for Ryan. Better find you another GM to pair with your coach of choice.
  18. If we decide to move off the 4th pick I believe we will get better compensation than that, especially with QB needy teams wanting to move up.
  19. LOL, that could be one but I was leaving it open to anything that would prevent said QB from playing outside of being a bust or a major injury.
  20. I get that, just trying to figure out how people think it’s a slam dunk for the player they want to be a HOF’er. Would be the same as me saying Parsons/Sewell/etc are a lock as a 13 year player...no one knows.
  21. LMAO...so you think if we draft a QB with our 4th pick he is guaranteed a 13 year career without bust/injury or other unforeseen event?
  22. Well done, like the picks but like everyone else, trading down we better have a bell cow RB out of that.
  23. Send those winning lottery picks since you can foresee the future and Sam Darnold calls BS on your high draft QB will be great theory.
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