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  1. I could see going for two if we got to 28-21 and wanted to go for the win rather than play OT but seemed self defeating or not confident in Bryant IMO. Just curious what the mindset was.
  2. Seriously? Do you think with the way we were not scoring we had the ability to get 5 scores much less the 4 needed just to tie. HAH
  3. Maybe this has already been answered but found it odd we went for two on the first score. At 28-0, three TD’s and 2 pt conversions on each still has you four points down. Was Bryant not ready or had we given up the chances of a comeback and practiced that aspect of the offense?
  4. 21-13 Falcons, including ATL defense stopping Minn in final two minutes of game on downs.
  5. Dude is arguing whether Bryant is signed...jeez man, call it a night, sounds like you had a good Labor Day!
  6. Nah, ESPN just throwing you guys a bone to get all the Aints fans off the ledge from last season...we know all too well how your season will turn out, and its at heartbreak station.
  7. No wonder Rival Central is essentially dead....
  8. That’s what happens when you let Glanville and Cameron take the rookies to The Varsity! Yes that’s sarcasm!
  9. Lol, people making silly assumptions, I’m sure they wanna try the 2 point offense in a meaningless game and not risk injuring the kicker on a wet field. Jeez this board
  10. It’s all fun and games until the “offended” come in and tell you how you should act.
  11. To each their own, but I personally love game day atmosphere, tailgating beforehand with just as good of food as you guys staying at home make. I am sure you get a better view sitting at home in front of your 100' inch tv's and zero wait lines for the bathrooms, but for those 8 games a year there is nothing like it being live in the stands. I will say the stadium is full of people who only come for the party and barely watch the game which is my major gripe about the Benz. It would also be nice if they could do something about the club seats being half empty with all the people mingling in the field level club areas This is going to be an interesting year because I applied and made the cut for this new Super Fan section, no real information on how its going to be run, but there will be three sections around the stadium and everyone in this area is encouraged to stand and cheer the entire game...ala Atlanta United I am guessing.
  12. It’s pure comedy when someone rants that Taylor and Ford were available and we passed. Well yeah they obviously have some flags that not only us but every other team that drafted last night didn’t like. Just because some mock draft writer “thinks” they have the knowledge of where players should be drafted doesn’t always equate.
  13. People got tunnel vision on DL all the while Dimi and crew wanted to get the running game working again...right side good for the foreseeable future is a heck of a lot better than the experimental carousel we’ve been using.
  14. Another great nugget that every one of us have been banging our heads about is this..”When the offense needs a yard, they can run behind him.” Can’t wait to see him and Lindstrom get to work!
  15. If RB’s can gash the middle and QB’s can step up in the pocket then LB, CB, and DE are second fiddle to a space eater alongside Grady. One solid DL makes all the other positions instantly better. I would love to pick up Devin Bush but it wouldn’t make as big an impact as Williams, Oliver, Wilkins or Lawrence.