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  1. 11-5 sounds about right, 4-12 coaching staff I say its underselling, and 1-15 fan base is dead on.
  2. Yeah you are right he would start but it would be odd after we drafted Hennessy. If we had Warford money we could better use that on Griffin
  3. Pretty sure we got all the starters we need and really don’t have the cap to add a luxury backup.
  4. This is the least of any moves I second guessed over the offseason. Once we decided to move on from Hooper there was no way this team was going to pin its fortunes on Graham. There wasn’t a TE in the draft that was ready to start either so in hindsight we got lucky to get a starting caliber TE in Hurst. I feel like Hayden will excel in our passing scheme and make believers out of the doubters by mid season.
  5. There is 100 percent chance they won’t lower the cap after allowing all these deals to take place in the offseason. With player salaries guaranteed they wouldn’t have a league if they dropped the cap number, just more fear mongering from the media.
  6. Where? You got a lead on a team releasing or ready to trade a player or just saying you think he could? You are just throwing out vague speculation Saying he could find better via trade.
  7. Why are y’all hating? It’s a 7th rounder and a smart move concerning Takks inability to finish a season healthy and also likely attitude to having his 5th season declined. Cry about not having depth then cry some more when the depth isn’t who you want. Talk about never being satisfied.
  8. Deja Vu....I thought this was an old post to scream about the sky is falling but I guess its just pure boredom and selective use of cap space not including June 1st cuts, or likely cuts/retirement players...but I guess that’s all we got for 4 months.
  9. Could be he is asking for prayers as well, depends on everyone’s interpretation.
  10. Way to side track his post, pretty sure this was a positive post stating his devotion to the ATL. Just get on board and do your disagreeing in other threads.
  11. Yeah but that’s using hindsight. What if Lamb wasn’t there, then you hoping Julio stays healthy with all the youth we have as backups? That’s nonsense and you would be a fool to trade Ridley in the first place.
  12. Ain’t gonna lie, as soon as they went to his living room and I saw the picture of a lost family member front and center of the camera, I immediately got taken back to Takk’s draft night. I don’t believe Chase was worth the price it would have taken to get him, and I like the fact we stayed put and filled our openings. Gonna be interesting to see who gets released and who we can scoop up.
  13. Kiper, LOL, this is probably the last person I would trust with player evaluations. I mean the dude said Jimmy Claussen would be an elite NFL QB. He gushes over ESPN’s favorite teams (Cowboys, Patriots, Raiders, Saints) but pans everyone else. I’ll trust what our scouting department believes ten times over this clown.
  14. Thanks dad! If you want to defend posters who consistently whine when the player they wanted doesn’t get drafted and complain over and over that’s fine but don’t try to prop yourself up chastising posters who call them out.
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