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  1. Interesting, I will say the guy is good at what he does, he isn’t going to give you a tell of what we are going to do draft night.
  2. Ohh, ok. Actually you post the same love fest for Fields in every post on the board, it gets quite stale, but if you think it’s Hateraid, then roll with it.
  3. Oh my gosh, he likes high school football, it’s official we are drafting Fields!!!! It’ll be a good thing once we get out of the off-season and move past these agenda slanted posts.
  4. Justin Fields after trading with us to grab the 4th pick...
  5. Of course you can read into this two ways, it all depends on how you perceive what he is saying to mean.
  6. I can tell you don’t pay attention, put one of your rookies back there and watch their career derailed from sacks and pressure. Step up your game bro because no QB is getting the ball out with 2 seconds and WRs still running their route.
  7. If AS is as good as advertised with QB’s then Ryan should excel in his system and when given time he can dissect any defense. I’m gambling on Ryan and AS this year, addressing LG, FS, and DE and making a run, we’ll see on draft night.
  8. Ryan being sacked over 40 times each of the last 3 seasons will kind of do that to your impression of the OL.
  9. We all kinda agree on needing to hit on at least “3” players on this draft. If that’s the case our best shot of that would be trading back and acquiring an extra 2nd rounder in my opinion. It would also set us up hopefully with two firsts in 2022 and increase our odds of repeating the same formula in that draft. Currently my ideal picks if we can trade back: (no particular order) 1st - Surtain/Parsons/Slater 2A - Harris/Etienne/Holland/Basham 2b - Jones II/Grant/J Williams I would like to grab a RB and DE in round two since we all view those as major needs and that allows
  10. Tough choices as I’d prefer to go defense but not at 4. Went with Sewell because even with the line we have now, Ryan always has been under pressure. Just a feeling with TF and where he came from, build those lines to protect your QB and Sewell or Slater would be ideal pieces.
  11. Because last year the rhetoric was there was only Lawrence or Fields so we should tank to get Trevor in a weak QB class. Forward through the season and suddenly Wilson is the next Mahomes and we gotta get him. Happens after every college season, 3-4 QB’s are must have that no one talked about and the same will be true this time next year.
  12. So the future looks “very bright” in LA because Detroit was tired of losing and decided to move on from their QB that was the center of them losing? Talk about a oxymoron!
  13. Would set us up nice for this season and next to move up for a QB if we need to. I would probably look at Lindstroms brother at pick 166 or other OL depth but a good mock.
  14. This would be stellar but no way it’s happening because of one thing. It’ll be a cold day in h e l l before we trade with the Aints. Can you imagine the board/fan base meltdown if NO benefited from the trade?? No more TF...lol
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