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  1. In retaliation for the Saints fans relentless whining over the no call against them last week, somebody started this petition online and it’s already up to about 1500 signatures so far. If the Aints wanted sympathy from the rest of the league they sure are not getting it. LMAO
  2. I hope they invoke a new rule and then next year the Aints will be salty again as their DB’s start getting called for all the PI and holding they routinely get away with. Be careful what you wish for Swamp Rats!
  3. I don’t care how good the corner is, if you don’t eliminate those 5-6 seconds QB’s have to scan the field it won’t matter who you throw back there. Get Grady some help!
  4. Fixing our defense starts with the middle, I don’t think people realize how much we missed Poe. Getting a mammoth like Lawrence would free up our undersized LB’s as well as the edges...QB pressure will make your CB’s look like world beaters. Kwon would be a much better option if god forbid something happened to Debo. This would be a solid draft as it fixes both trenches and brings in good depth. I would probably switch out the 6th and add Tony Pollard to give our return game the fire it needs but everything else looks great!
  5. Dudes laugh is awesome!
  6. I would say buying a new truck was the highlight of my weekend but the Saints losing supersedes that. Dirty Birds 4 life!
  7. That would be pretty amusing, I am sure we could start a draft night thread and the picks are only valid if made before the Falcons make theirs. Legends and fools would be made in a nice little post. I'm down if I don't go to the stadium for draft night.
  8. LOL...spoken like a true armchair GM! I say this draft you post live draft picks as the Falcons are on the clock, would love to see how your picks pan out! Of course you could be a genius or you could be humbled without the great vision of hindsight.
  9. I would not be upset if that were to happen but with that said, it likely won’t.
  10. Just used the newest fanspeak and I think they are a little off on their rankings...still fills lots of needs! 14: R1P14 DL CHRISTIAN WILKINS CLEMSON 45: R2P13 C DALTON RISNER KANSAS STATE 79: R3P15 LB BRIAN BURNS FLORIDA STATE 117: R4P15 OT JAWAAN TAYLOR FLORIDA 138: R4P36 LB ANFERNEE JENNINGS ALABAMA 153: R5P14 G ROSS PIERSCHBACHER ALABAMA 173: R5P34 LB DEVIN BUSH MICHIGAN
  11. Love your first two rounds, would like to see how your FA and re-signings went leading into the draft. Not so sure on small corners especially with the tall WR’s in our division and DQ’s preferred corner type.