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  1. That's right, Quiz will run the ball, Snelling will be used as his backup, and Turner will get them gatorade when they ask for it. *sigh* I wish
  2. I gotta say, if Wilson scampers out from behind his line, he better know where Spoon, Moore, and Robinson are at all times.
  3. PCL never really heals well even now, it will cause him some level of pain/discomfort the rest of his life. Shouldn't have been out there, but it'll be on Shanahan if he's ruined the kid for his career.
  4. Reading that made me feel so much better, thanks.
  5. Side note, both our WR are big guys, and Roddy has that wrestling background. I sincerely doubt that our WR will be manhandled by anyone.
  6. Kelly and Oregon paid Lyles (a so called scouting expert) to scout players for them. In reality, they paid him for his relationships with athletes (especially Seastrunk), and he sent them scouting reports several years old when Oregon realized they were about to be in trouble.
  7. He can't do it...in fact, his claim that they checked out is a fan's way of lessening the hurt of losing to a team from an "inferior" conference that didn't even do well.
  8. sure, you're ignoring all facts that your team sucks. Congrats mr. ostrich, that sand getting in your ears yet?
  9. A new DE and a DT should be our priority I think. With no push up the middle they're able to bring a guard over to stop the DE (usually Abe) from getting pressure on the edge.
  10. Lance Briggs would be a better choice, dunno if he's a FA...and to be honest, don't want him cuz he's always crying about that contract.
  11. The difference is, USC managed to lose to a team that UGA manhandled...why you can keep claiming that USC is better is beyond me. Heck, I don't like UGA at all and I can see that they're better than USC, better than my team too on quite phases of the game.
  12. whoops, school might be important to play in that school's games.
  13. side note, I didn't realize I was actually being prophetic back on the 3rd.
  14. Ryan can't play Tebow now, he'll look like a idiot if Tebow wins and he's been playing a gawd awful Sanchez all this time.
  15. I was 4 when my dad let me shoot his .22, and showed me his 12ga shotgun as well (although he shot that). Then he gave me a discussion of how to use a gun, and to never touch them without his direct supervision. taught me quite a bit and I've always been careful with guns since.
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