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  1. Dumbest quote of the season. Looked like Freeman wasn't expecting the ball to be snapped so quickly (he had just come in for Coleman) and didn't catch Hightower until it was too late. However, Ryan's arm was going forward so it should have been an IC instead of a fumble. But whatever...
  2. I had a feeling that B and B wouldn't go down easy. It wasn't about the Falcons losing it, it was about the Pats doing what they do. Questionable play calling allowed the Pats to do that.
  3. I would take him back. Yes, he should have played to conserve the lead at the end but the chemistry between he and Ryan got the Birds to the big game. Why wouldn't anyone have him back to finish the job?
  4. I find it interesting that Ryan's arm was going forward on his fumble. Not sure if it has been mentioned in previous threads. It wasn't huge movement forward but his upper arm was in the motion of throwing.
  5. I pulled for Inception. Fantastic film, good cast and well directed.
  6. Definitely. It would be difficult for any reasonable person to try to to convince me that there aren't medicinal benefits with medical marijuana. The winds of change are a coming.
  7. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat and that lifting weights also burns calories. Good job, though and best of luck in the future.
  8. I don't really have iasue with this since it does play to the Republicans and conservatives that will be tuning in. Of course having someone like Limbaugh or Hannity doing the moderating will just open the flood gates for criticism from the left and it will be considered by most on the left as a joke.
  9. Are you really going to require that I hold your hand through this entire process? Listen, this is the last that I am going to do because I honestly just don't care if you believe it or not. I have blown up every assertion that you have made and it is obvious that your over-bloated ego just won't allow you to concede. Read OCGA § 40-5-20(a), (d) and then put me on ignore as you said that you would.
  10. Bwahahahaha. I look forward to your interpretation. Make sure that when you read the briefs that you plan to use to bolster your position of fallacy that you read the adjoining decisions as well. If you need help understanding them then just let me know. Will you be "employing" the use of the internet to look these things up?
  11. You've been a busy little fella with all of this. It's truly a shame that your efforts were wasted because either you didn't read the briefs in their entirety, understand the briefs or definitions or just thought that you could pass them off. I have taken the time to review each example that you have given and to respond to each accordingly. ”The right to travel is a part of the liberty of which the citizen cannot be deprived without due process of law under the 5th Amendment.” - Kent v. Dulles, 357 U.S. 116, 125 This has NOTHING to do with the discussion. This decision is completely about pas
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