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  1. It's bad statistically and bad compared to where Smith wants to go. I think the Ravens/Titan's/Steelers defense is where Smith is looking to go. Big, tough, physical with some elite playmakers. I think he has instilled the attitude but it's like the old adage: "the heart is willing but the bodies not able". We still lack the bodies in some positions. It sounds like the focus is on D this off season so I would look for a significant improvement this coming year. Throw in a defense like the ones from the above mentioned teams and we may not have lost a game this year with a rookie QB! Think abou
  2. Oops, you're right. And he was one that actually got me thinking about posting this thread. But can he start for this team?
  3. I guess TE & DT are really the two positions that have been discussed on this board which might be most relevant to this list. The rest would be for depth & special teams.
  4. Who of these do you think will have an impact in 09. Who will be gone. All seem to have some upside. All spent some time or in some cases the full season on IR. Do any of them solve the problem at their position if they return healthy? Trey Lewis DT R Foster OL T Brown RB B Hartsock TE D Irons DB L Robinson WR A Harris S
  5. The ability of the Cards DL to jump the snap from the beginning was to me, one key to the game. When their entire front was firing off a split second before the snap tells me that their coaches had a "tell" on our snap count. Our failure to adjust led to several big plays on their part especially the fumble to start the second half. I assume we were going with a silent count to counter the crowd noise but somehow we were giving something away. Face it, the Cards D-line is just not that good. You watch next week and you'll see Carolina absolutely smoke this D-line. We failed to adjust and kept
  6. To me it was absolutely a catch but sometimes you gotta wonder about the refs. This was a call left open to interpretation based on the rules which to me suck for these situations. What kind of direction do you think officials are given for plays which can interpreted by refs in a marginal fashion such as this? Do they consider the score? Carolina down 17-3 - shortly before halftime - big division game - want viewers to come back for second half - don't flip to another game - blowouts not good for ratings - any of this factor in do you think? You gotta wonder.
  7. SD being favored is not much of a surprise if you look at it from an unbiased perspective. SD is a talented team but having a tough year. This sure as **** won't be another Oakland type opponent. The oddsmakers know Atl has just come off an emotional, big home win over a division rival. A bit of a letdown for a westcoast road game the following week is to be expected. Championship teams learn to overcome this hurdle. We'll see if the Falcons are up to it. I hope so but I'm not overly confident we're to that level yet. But I'm still pulling for them.
  8. The pass was a great play call. Receiver was wide open. Ryan just failed to execute. It's not like we abandoned the run, just took a well calculated shot for a touchdown that would have put the game away. Championship teams bury the opponent when they have the opportunity. They don't start playing conservatively. I applaud this offensive philosophy. For too many years we've seen the offense go into a shell with a lead only to allow the opponent to comeback and win. This wus offensive philosophy, play not to lose, and the prevent defense are two things I hate most from any coach. Smith has made
  9. You shouldn't post crap like this, citing media reports without a link to back up your post. Otherwise you'll get flamed an rightfully so.
  10. Personally, Roddy's beginning to concern me. He's been involved in several minor altercations on the field, nothing serious so far and I keep hearing from various people that he's just beginning to talk too much on the field like Hall. And I watched the replay of the Lions game and at the very end , after the game the last image I see are two Falcon coaches on either side of Roddy literally pulling him off the field as he jawed with someone over his shoulder. Just hope the coaches will bring him back down to earth before this gets out of hand. l
  11. 42 mostly agonizing years with a few bright spots thrown in (but not nearly enough).
  12. OK it's midweek and just for a brief diversion, here's an item in the news. I'll apologize up front for posting this link but the irony is interesting and no doubt this could lead to all sorts of low-brow humor (which I'll leave for others.....) Visit My Website
  13. I tuned in to the game just to watch dhall. I figured the game itself would suck. (now tell me how does Oakland rate a spot on mnf?). Anyhow I tried to focus on dhall's play. And as most have noted - he really sucked and not the first time I've seen him play badly. But the real point is that hall may be a talented player but he is not a "player". Focusing on his play in this game was an eye-opener. He was never first to stick his head in to make a tackle, always waiting for someone in front to make the first contact, even if it meant the ball carrier was gaining good yardage. Then he would mak
  14. Your link for bham doesn't show a falcon game to choose....doesn't even list the Tampa game? What's up with that?
  15. Here's a link to an in-game blog from the Detroit Free Press. I think we can feel his pain. DFP I've picked out a few of the more interesting comments below: 1st qtr 13:33: OK, so Matt Ryan's back to pass for his first throw of his.... You can not be serious. A seam route to Michael Jenkins, and it goes 62 yards for a touchdown. The extra point by Jason Elam (yes, he's a Falcon now) is good. 7-0. I know, I know. We've seen this before. It's early folks. 8:15: Falcons take over at their own 20, and on the first drive. Ryan on a third-and-short, to a wide-open Roddy White for a first down. No w
  16. The facts, I think, would prove otherwise. Look at some of the best DE's in the league and you'll see most did not have great rookie years.
  17. Blank has seen millions of his money flushed away on bad decisions by himself and those under him. Yet he has always tried to make the team better. He was a novice as an owner when he bought the team but he has been willing to learn by being active and taking chances. And it's going to pay off. I think most fans would agree that this year he has finally learned from the previous years mistakes.He has put together an organization that will bring continued success to the team and regular playoff visits will become commonplace for the Falcons.
  18. I'm making no judgment as I haven't seen Foxworth play. Just saw the article and thought it might bring some perspective on the trade. As I mentioned it does sound like a Bronco homer is trying to make the trade sound OK from their side. That's all. Just to clarify, this is not my opinion but from this article out of Denver: www.milehighreport.com/2008/9/2/605885/denver-broncos-trade-domon
  19. A viewpoint from a Bronco perspective. Perhaps a bit of over rationalizing trading away a good, popular player...... Broncos Receive 7th Round Pick, Could Become 6th Rounder It's being reported on several news outlets that the Broncos have traded Domonique Foxworth to the Atlanta Falcons for a 7th Round draft pick. Since Foxy is in the last year of his contract, the Broncos would receive a 6th Round pick should the Falcons resign him. I know there is going to be a lot of disdain for this trade. My initial reaction was quite the same. I then took a few minutes to think about it. I looked at
  20. From the short highlight film of the game Jamaal made a couple of nice plays. On DeCoud's interception from the end position he made a nice inside move on the tackle and was on top of the QB. Later from the tackle position he was collapsing the pocket. Seemed a bit more agressive and athletic than many posters here have been saying. Maybe a ray of hope. Did I see him drop off on one play to cover a receiver? If so that one went for about 25 yds. oops.
  21. From the short highlight film of the game Jamaal made a couple of nice plays. On DeCoud's interception from the end position he made a nice inside move on the tackle and was on top of the QB. Later from the tackle position he was collapsing the pocket. Seemed a bit more agressive and athletic than many posters here have been saying. Maybe a ray of hope. Did I see him drop off on one play to cover a receiver? If so that one went for about 25 yds. oops.
  22. I'm sure Long will do fine and have an outstanding career, but the to be honest I don't really care, he's not a Falcon. The important issue is that Baker has exceeded the projections of all the pundits who constantly proclaimed that we reached for him in the first round. I would guess that Baker is probably performing at a level which TD & Smitty expected or else they would not have moved up to take him. Just another confirmation that these guys know what they're doing. The real issue is that Parcells has apparently misfired badly in his judgement to pass on Ryan with the first pick. I pre
  23. This has nothing to do with casting the first stone, it's simply common sense (which is sadly lacking in these parts). So I'll try to keep this simple. If you were in Blanks shoes, had just lost many millions on an investment (that would be Vick if you have to ask), and your entire business (that would be the Falcon organization) has been embarrassed and shamed before the NFL community, fans and the public at large by his actions (Vick again here), and you had just invested many millions more in a player to take his (Vick's) place (Ryan), then why oh why would any businessman make such an inc
  24. With 4 QB's, a heavy turnover of new players with 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th string players getting a lot of PT. New offensive scheme etc, etc, etc. Why is this such a shock? I mean if you look at it objectively, don't you think that there is a very strong probability that the offense will improve as the team meshes and becomes more experienced?
  25. I think the staff values the importance special teams play in a teams success (or failure). Having said that I think they will have a tough time letting Jennings go after last week. Nobody else has done anything much at the return position. Don't know who that would leave out, just glad I don't have to make that decision. That's a tough one.
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