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  1. I'm excited about him. Dude is a freak of nature. 35 reps on the bench, 42 inch vert, 26 sacks in two years.... can't wait to see him in the Dome
  2. Julio for sure, Matt maybe, and Tru in a year or two.
  3. I don't know anything about him but these highlights don't look like he's afraid of contact
  4. This pick has me super excited. With our 3 backs plus this zone scheme we should have a run game that teams will actually have to plan for. Remember how bad Matt used to destroy teams with the play action?
  5. They say Peyton pretty much talked to all the teams interested. Just a call to let them know Gase was his own man. You know how everyone just kind of assumes that Peyton was the default OC.
  6. I am intrigued by Austin... he's still not my first, second, or third pick though. As far as Suh... yea we don't want him now, but come on, you'd love to see him body slam Brees a few times a year.
  7. I don't want Nolan gone unless Rex becomes DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR. Any other scenarios, I'd like to see him one more year. But Smith, TD, Koetter... I want them all gone before I wake up
  8. I'm not sure I view them the same way. While, Yes, it does shoe me that we can hang... it still makes me wonder if we can finish. We could have easily eon those 4 losses you speak of. But like I'm used to seeing, bad coaching and bad TO's kill us
  9. Our oline played fine. Of course GB's line looked amazing... you see who they went up against
  10. If that happened we'd still be ahead of them (don't forget about panties tho). First tie breaker is head to head. Second is division record.
  11. He'd be feared if he could catch. You know how many drives he could have stopped this year. Coverage skills are great, so we know what he needs to work on this offseason
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