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  1. Well folks our favorite former favorite DT is in the pookie again. Just found this mugshot, don't know what he's charged with yet: on here: http://www.gwinnettcountysheriff.com/asp/docket48hr.asp
  2. Thanks for the link, I didn't even know this was public information. *bookmarked*
  3. Grimes will pick him off again and I will laugh. Our funny and awesome videos for our season come on gameday, like Sundays sack-fumble-touchdown, I LMAO at that. Taints fans have to make their own on youtube.
  4. We need smack talk because their loss to the Ravens took some luster off this game
  5. The Drew Brees custom jersey commercial is highly annoying
  6. We dont have to win on the road anymore, so what does it matter?
  7. Its hilarious because they lost to Detroit. At home. Remember when Morris crowned them the best in the NFC?
  8. Heres the thread from before, for the back story
  9. Grady Jackson has been booked at Gwinnett County Jail for the whole stealing a watch from a Lions teammate thing. http://www.gwinnettcountysheriff.com/asp/docket48hr.asp The charge: http://www.gwinnettcountysheriff.com/asp/charges.asp?target=2010281017
  10. Yeah today would be ripe for going to the bar and watching all the 1pm games. If I had more than zero dollars I would do that right now.
  11. I want Matt Ryan to sign my forehead and then I'll have it tattooed on permanently. Real talk.
  12. Fine. Just let Ryan throw it 50 times again.
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