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  1. Good Job Jerry Jones, you got rid of this clown for us.
  2. He may have "created" some of this mess, BUT he still doesn't deserve this. He wants the best, but he will learn from this season. Hopefully he learns from this, but the two biggest problems in this franchise wasn't his fault. When I said mess I meant the whole Dan Reeves/Jim Mora thing. I don't blame him one bit for Vick making a real bad decision or Petrino being a coward.
  3. I agree he doesn't deserve what he's been through this year but he **** sure created some of this mess that the Falcons have been in the last few years.
  4. A lot of hate He's just mad because some kid named Bobby stole his lunch money today lol a lot of folks on here need counceling after todays news. You would think he hurt a family member. The biggest problem I have with him is the respect factor. He could of atleast told the players and should of told Blank to his face and not over the phone.
  5. When asked about the Atlanta Falcons job Dennis Green replied with "THEY ARE WHO I THOUGHT THEY WERE THATS WHY I LEFT THE PHONE OFF THE HOOK":P
  6. REV no way would L.A. want this franchise.
  7. Folks now don't get me wrong I hope his career at Arkansas is horrible, but I can't wish any harm to him or his fam physically. I'm just glad he's gone since he doesn't want to be here. Hopefully this team gets better without him.
  8. lol lol and lol, all this disgrace to Atlanta ##### and all that is b/s. 2nd off who are you?:smooooth:
  9. Well considering how we are now I don't think it could get worse. Just don't expect a lot of coaches trying to get this job.
  10. Aight, I know people are angry, but some of the comments on here is flat out crazy. I see people who want him to rot in ****,somebody wants his kids to have cancer, and I've seen people wanting his plane to crash. Why do you wish that on him? You should be glad he's gone. Why should us fans want a coach here if he really doesn't want to be here. Now I'll admit I'm mad that he didn't tell the players and that whack azz Press Conference but I don't want the man dead. I think this may just bring this team together. We are better off without the chump Bobby Petrino and he's better off without us.
  11. I know I said ##### petrino earlier but I wasn't even mad,but after seeing that press conference I got mad. Dude is up there smiling and laughing, I mean it's not the fact that he left the organization, but he didn't even tell the players. He never cared about the players and never respected the players.
  12. Well not to toot my own horn but I am :smooooth:
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