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  1. This thread makes me laugh...at all the quitters and whiners LMAO.
  2. Someone posted a you tube link last week that was awesome. Anyone?
  3. It's not false either. Whether 2 or 3 or 5 he's still **** good swiftdick and you would have traded him for Jake Locker. LMAO. You should have quit the boards years ago like you said you would. "I dont need these boards" LMAO CLOWN
  4. I don't care enough to look, but I bet his other posts have the same style. Very distinctive, probably because of twitter's character limit and he's so used to typing shorthand (in between his manscaping appointments).
  5. Awww, 'ol swifty is back. I can spot that little beyotch a mile away.....no matter how hard he tries, he still leaves out words now and then since he's drooling at the mouth typing so fast with excitement about being down on the Falcons. How's your Male Salon, you still shaving guys nuts for a buck and wiping down tanning beds at the Jersey Shore? How's Snookie? Swiftdick LMAO
  6. LMAO. Matt is great under pressure. He knows it's coming and he's smart enough to recognize his best options quickly. I'll take this talent from my QB any day versus running around schoolyard ball.
  7. **** bro, how you say things like that about your momma? LOL...
  8. Reasons I'm not a Cam fan: He plays for the Panties. He dabs or shows off almost every time gets a first down, often in an opponent's face, and even when getting crushed (that's me-me....no teammates want to see that). Yes, A-aron does his stupid belt thing, but ONLY after TD's, and not even every one, and certainly not if they're losing badly. I don't like A-aron either btw. Attention whore, and his feminine clothes and hats and capris. Pouting during and after games. More me-me. Six years since being drafted and he still hasn't realized there are other playmakers in the NFL?: Cam in June 2017: "The thing I have to realize is my job is not necessarily to always be the playmaker," Newton said. "I have to give other people opportunities to make plays. That's the hardest thing about maturation, especially for me." He's an awful winner, and a worse loser. The playmaker chose to NOT make a play in the biggest game of his life, when he pussed out and didn't jump on the fumble in the SB. But I love him for that!
  9. Here's a pretty good link on this subject, if only for the stats research. Written in May 2014. Statistical analysis of the greatest defenses in NFL history
  10. The difference in OPP QB Ratings is crazy. Swap out Ryan for Brady and we still lose those games.
  11. With a name like Realist you know a poster is an attention seeking d-bag...
  12. 99 out of 100 people surveyed think this thread is dumb.
  13. To Portland area? Great weather in June, I'm sure you'll love it! Hopefully there's a good beer festival or something happening while you're here. If not, there will most certainly be a cool microbrewery close enough by. Sucks to be away from family (I'm a traveling sales guy myself) but there are lots of cool things to see while out here, if you get time away from work. Cheers to you too....hit me up if you want some travel tips or have a chance to grab a beer!
  14. Southern Oregon. One of my favorites out here, great beer.
  15. One of my buddies got me good, I had to laugh. He's a Dallas fan, fellow chokers in their own right. So I'm in Mexico and I found one of those wrestling masks with the Falcon's logo on it. Fully NFL licensed product I'm sure....lol. I posted a pic of me in it titled "El luchador halcón"....the Falcon Wrestler. He commented....is your specialty move the 4th Quarter choke hold? Yeah it hurts, but I have to give props to funny.
  16. I think that's the point, the media is slobbering over "a solid play", which is all it was. Every QB makes a solid play, every game. But Godgers!
  17. If we win the SB, they should fire Quinn immediately since there's nowhere to go but down. AB should literally hand him the pink slip while Quinn is hoisting the Lombardi so we can maximize time in finding a new HC. No time to waste!
  18. A sentence ffom another thread below. "Cam Newton mentally soft IMO. But he got to SB with good D." Fairly obvious at this point. Posts "normal" writing then gets excited and types in shorthand. New, building trust, waiting for Falcons to fail (ideally Ryan in his eyes) so he can come out "incognito" and trash Ryan. You got problems swifty, just try and enjoy the ride, or focus on cleaning those tanning beds a your Male Beauty Salon.
  19. Swift you little cabana boy, is that you ON your meds? I thought it was at first, leaving out words like "the" in typical swiftdick fashion, now I'm pretty sure. Once in a while he forgets to type normally (like above) and the regular 'ol swifty sentence structure becomes evident. "If Falcons lose Ryan is problem" "If Julio out Ryan in trouble" God forbid we lose, troll boy will come out hard under this name....
  20. That's racist. The Falcons are my team and Vick admitted he didn't study and was first in first out. Yeah **** him for wasting away his best years and disrespecting his teammates, coaches, fans, etc. WTF your last comment have to do with anything?? Vick-lover and Ryan-haters still around? Talk about LET IT FUCCIN GO...VICK IS NOT COMING BACK.
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