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  1. This thread makes me laugh...at all the quitters and whiners LMAO.
  2. You're shittin' me mono, for two reasons. One....stepping down? I hadn't heard. The boards have been great recently, sorry to hear that. Two....swift is a tool that can't control himself. He's the resident Rain Man of Matt Ryan hate. This board is 100x better with him on the sidelines. He turns any thread into a Ryan thread and brings nothing of value to the board. Seriously, that would be a slap in the face to all the members who make this board as great as it is. It's not his differing opinion, it's his ********* attention whore attitude. His only agenda is to come here and stir the pot. Letting him back would be ridiculous, especially after all the times he outright attacked mods, laughed at mods, and has gone completely over the line and made fun of people's wives and mothers. Get a grip Mono.....how quickly we forget.
  3. Would drive me crazy seeing Smith try to hang on to a two point lead instead of going for the kill. Matt and Matt were a deadly combo that could be relied on to pull it out, but many close games should not have gotten to that point in the first place.
  4. JBfalc, on 26 May 2015 - 09:31 AM, said: Not saying he wasn't a troll, but I don't think this was swift. swiftdick's sentence would have been "Falcons should have draft Dez 2011 he fell into laps instead of Weatherspoon. Dez + 5 picks >>>>>> Julio Jones its not close either Dez better than Julio now" His brain moves faster than his short, fat fingers can type so he leaves out words a lot.
  5. Saying Dez is better than Julio is just stupid. Did you not read the thread title before coming in? It would be Dez + 4 draft pics, which could certainly be argued at the time. But at this point, nobody (except HindsightRamsFanSince1970) can say one choice is better than the other because we have no idea who ATL would have taken, besides Carimi - bust.
  6. That's a really lame attempt at...something, especially for a "shotcalla" lol
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