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  1. Don't most people know that you loft the ball so high so it DOES take a longer time to get to a point so the receiver can have time to run under it....and the QB doesn't have to hold the ball 6+ seconds before throwing... Plus it gives the reciever an easier catch, and more time to make it in most cases. A frozen rope throw is easier to defend by a trailing db, and would offer less chance to adjust if the throw is off a bit. Julio 4.4sec for 40 yrds. or about 7 seconds to get 60 yards down field. Ryan can hold the ball for 5-6 seconds and then throw a rope, and hope he doesn't get sacked. or
  2. I think the biggest change to me is, he isn't throwing the ball to the benches as much as he used too, and instead is dumping it off to a back either in the flat or just past the line. Watch the game and see how many times he was maybe under pressure and he dumps it off to Turner, or Rodgers....even once to Palmer, instead of taking a sack or wasting a down by putting it out of play. Any yards gained is a bonus and thus makes the next play easier and demoralizes the defense because they almost get there, yet Ryan still makes a play for positive yards....
  3. Like others have said, how many times have people been on here calling for Ryan to make that throw and trust his WR to go get the ball........ Now he finally does exactly that, and it results in a TD and people come back here and complain...... Listen, we have a great WR, and sometimes you have to take a shot just because, they did, it worked love it, and only complain when it doesn't and is an INT. Go Falcons, good win, great game Matt.
  4. I have to include Head Coaches in the acquisitions though. You look at who McKay brought in to lead this team, you get Mora, and Quitrinno, which just blows chunks on the whole team. TD looked around and assembled a stellar Coaching staff, headed by Smith, who has brought CONSISTENT winning. We are so close to going big, that it is incredible more don't realize.
  5. If the deal is signed AFTER a certain date, then the cap hit is next year, instead of this year. So it is all about cap management, and IIRC the date is around week 12 or so.
  6. OK, I will feed the troll.. From Matt Ryan's Boston College bio...... 2007 Season Started all 14 games...completed 388-of-654 passes for 4,507 yards and 31 touchdowns, both school single-season records.. So the boy can throw 654 times in a season and not go to the hospital. But you knew this already and didn't really care. Now who wants pizza??
  7. Against the Eagles by keeping Harry off the field it kept a really good CB(Cromartie) on the bench and a sub-par LB crew on the field. It was a really good idea to NOT run 3 wides in the Eagles game.
  8. You missed the whole point I think...in they are already doubling JJ, see the interception against the Eagles, he was bracketed High and Low but Ryan still threw it trusting him to be somewhere and he ran a lazy route. But look at the runs turner is getting, the receptions over the middle on check downs going for 30 yards, and the tds to Gonzo........ This already means we are reaping the benefits of having a dual threat on the outside. Now if we can just give Ryan more time to throw, it would be awesome, but until the O-line gets fixed, then we are still going to be stunted some.
  9. Exactly, and that is why getting rid of Jenkins was such a big deal. Jenks could be handled with a single CB, while Jones can't. So teams have to double the outside and leave the middle more open instead of Single one and drop the safety down into the middle for either Turner or Gonzo.
  10. Go out and look at film of Tom Brady and the Pats on a long pass, then look at Ryan and the Falcons. The one difference you will see is there are usually NO defenders within 3-5 yards of Brady, and Ryan is about to get hit. That is what makes the difference between an explosive offense and a dink and dunk.
  11. 1) If the player is on IR. 2) If a doctor says it is the best treatment. 3) Player has to be off it before the start of OTAs to be allowed to play that year.
  12. Man, I almost feel dirty agreeing with a Saints fan, but this statement is so true.. Who cares what the talking heads think, THEY DON'T PLAY THE GAMES!! And the talking heads don't determine who goes to the SuperBowl either.
  13. To me Froman played better with who he had to play with, and since JPW had been on the team, 2 years right, that was a sad state of affairs. After seeing JPW play this year, I was surprised we kept him instead of Froman or going after another to be the backups backup.
  14. Sad thing is, with the new kick-off rules, that finish doesn't happen again. They squibbed it because they didn't want our returner(Norwood iirc) to take it back like he almost did once earlier in the game, thus we got it on a short field. In the new rules they would just boot it out the back of the endzone and take a touchback at the 20.....and then we couldn't have won it the way we did, it would have taken a long td to win.
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