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  1. Teams are going to wait even longer now until his price hits bottom or he's desperate enough.
  2. I love this board.......the back and forth team analysis can be epic. Hopefully we win a superbowl soon and everyone can have a great big digital internet hug.
  3. That doesn't count. Their QB had purple sprite in his water bottle...plus it's the Raiders. Watch them loose for free at home and use your money on a Saints seat cushion to help you out with the a$$ kicking they'll get
  4. I'm not going to lie, I would be sick seeing him on the highlight reel of another team tearing it up.
  5. Yeah, I don't think Coleman is ready to give up his spot yet. The competition will most likely make Coleman better, making it harder for Moore to unseat him. Plus Coleman has that strange little doll with Moore's jersey on it that he keeps poking with pins.
  6. Great post but you know your point will not get through to the combatants of the great JA 98 war.
  7. Hey that was below the belt -_- .....and stop acting like you were running the ball like crazy. You broke one at the end. I'll be glad to play you again. Besides, I'm not the one going back in time and hijacking Bill Bellamy lines.
  8. Yeah, I have to at least see a pre season game before I start losing sleep over the pass rush but it will be an often talked about topic this year.
  9. Were you like watching old reruns of Def Comedy Jam or something?
  10. My back keeps getting hurt. He hasn't played through a whole game yet and I like playing with him. Yeah I seem to always start good and fizzle at the end. Need to play more games so that I can learn how to adjust because that is the key. Good game Blazer. Next time I'm going to try and sustain it to the end.
  11. I got busy these last couple of days. I love playing in these leauges. Helps improve my game. I will be on this afternoon around 3-3:30.
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