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  1. He seemed hopped up on something at the Denver game last season. This probably explains it, he likes to "party".
  2. I'm saying a strong minority of posters have the same special, stewing ignorance displayed in real life over the many years I've spent in this great state of Georgia, rural and urban, and they get even looser with it being that they are behind a computer screen. Take it how you want.
  3. If you don't know what he means, you're definitely white. And I'm white. Go buy an empathy card, take a class or something. The planet doesn't revolve around you.
  4. A. You're touched if you think racism is dead because Obama won. That is the most idiotic thing I've read all week. B. Nobody said there was a double standard with cops and famous people. Cops like to bust people, especially famous people. That isn't what we're discussing here. I know its tough for you to follow along, but please try harder. Now if you want to get into racial profiling...hey, I'm sure the mods are itching for an excuse to move this thread...so keep pushing it.
  5. That is part of my point: Vick didn't even HAVE weed (tested negative, regardless if you think he smokes pot), yet people on THESE boards were ready to string the dude up and he was being obliterated in the press and on "sketch comedy shows". Again, BEFORE having a DUI...like Phelps. Before testing positive/admitting to toking...like Phelps. Vick lost the Airtran deal May 8th...he was indicted on July 17th. He wasn't even charged let alone found guilty of anything and he was losing sponsors. Phelps had to catch a DUI and admit to smoking weed to lose...one. Look at some of the posts in this
  6. The American government is a joke. Broadcast media is a joke. Our schools are a joke. If you systematically disqualify everything you feel can't be taken seriously as somehow invalid, I feel sorry for your sense of pride and justice. Yeah, I get it...this subject makes you uncomfortable so having "SNL" in the tag makes it easy to write off with hyperbole. Sit down then and let grown people talk.
  7. What in the Jolly Green F*ck are you yammering about? I said if you, Crab, think someone did something wrong and turn around and kill them...yet they are later found guilty of doing whatever you thought they did...that doesn't make you a free man. ie: Just because Mike Vick is NOW guilty of something doesn't make the way he was treated before any of that came down RIGHT or JUST. "Well he happened to do something wrong so we had a right to treat him like sh*t when there was no proof." Reading comprehension, Sparkles.
  8. I don't know anyone that does this, maybe you do. I do know people who have resentment for the "guilty before proven" angle thrown at Vick from the outset. This video is just a clear cut example, not the end-all be-all. Vick fought dogs. Yeah, great...doesn't mean all the railroading and double-standards can be swept under the rug. If you exact vigilante justice and your victim was later found to be guilty, you still go to jail. This is still America.
  9. When did I say there was? Sensitive of your place in this world, Billy Joe? Hyperbole doesn't suit you.
  10. So you think making fun of a man who was not arrested, stopped or proven to have any illegal substance and had, at the time, no priors while making commentary on his salary...based on a rumor (thats all it turned out to be)...but making fun of the other guy's sponsors and governing body when the superstar athelete gets caught on camera toking like a dumb*ss...as if its THEIR fault...is fair? I mean, I just think anyone watching these videos back to back with the idea of where each athlete was at that point in their careers and personal life and can't admit feeling a little funny about it is in
  11. When you discuss, I discuss...and I did. When folks call me names, they get what they asked for.
  12. Good reply. My concern is that this speaks directly to what many Falcon's fans seem to not be able to grasp: The continued reporting of "Black Atlantan's distaste" with how the whole situation went down from jump, in the media etc. Now, no denying Vick is/was a moron. In hindsight, he chose to be involved in multiple, heartless acts and almost single-handedly ruined a team we all love. But...at face value, at the exact same points in time...here we have Phelps, taking tokes in a dorm room with a prior DUI arrest and later admitting to partaking...and Vick, with no priors (at the time) and no
  13. Watch the video again, D-Bag, and stop making excuses for this racist bullsh*t in the media. If you can't watch these videos back to back and not see whats going on here (Vick didn't have weed, didn't admit to it, didn't test positive, had no priors, etc. vs. DUI Phelps) you're certified. When did this happen? Get your facts straight. Nobody had any idea what Vick was doing with dogs at this time, the point is he was handled differently OFF TOP and this is merely one undeniable example Though you typical mf'ers WILL deny it. lol @ ME being ignorant.
  14. Show me a better one with links to both videos and I'll up it.
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