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  1. I work in the Wireless Backhaul business. I will decline to name the company, but we provide ethernet backhaul from the provider switch to the cellsite. We service Verizon, Sprint and Metro PCS in the Atlanta Market. We will soon service T-Mobile and Southern Link. We also serve these customers in South Georgia, Florida and Alabama.
  2. I worked with it a little while and I was able to stop the process by using the task manager. I had to hold ctrl-shift-esc buttons down due to the malware trying to keep it from functioning, and ended the task. I was then able to download a free copy of malware bytes. I have trendmicro anti-virus but it sucks. (Company installed.) I was going to run it in normal mode, but my bother said that it's best to run those type programs in safe mode, which I did. That seemed to do the trick. Again, thanks for the advice given and I hope what I learned helps anyone else who has this problem.
  3. Sorry about that. While I was web surfing the other day, my Explorer window closed and this window popped up and started a virus scan. I tried closing it but it completely shut my laptop down. None of my programs worked. It said Internet security and kept prompting me to activate the software. I Googled it on a seperate desktop PC and it is a widely known malware program. Unfortunately, none of the the suggestions they mentioned worked. I just wanted to see if any of you guys had the same issue. I apologize for the lack of information concerning this.
  4. I've tried many of the suggestions that I found online but none seem to work. Have any of you guys encountered this bug and how were you able to overcome it? Fyi, it's a laptop that is running XP Pro. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Biscoff spread and Nutella is where it's at. I would like to try some though.
  6. I'm not great at making it but a master at eating it.
  7. The wife of former NFL linebacker Chris Draft died earlier this week at age 38 after battling lung cancer. With his bride-to-be severely weakened by the disease and using a wheelchair, the couple married in a private ceremony in Atlanta exactly one month prior to her death. Draft, who retired from the NFL in 2010, announced his wife's passing Tuesday on his foundation's website. "Lakeasha Monique Rutledge Draft passed away on Tuesday, December 27," Draft wrote. "She courageously faced lung cancer, showing us all with every breath that we all need to hold onto life and love with both hands for as long as we can. Not just an inspiration, but a light, and a force that led the way with a beautiful, sweet smile and bright shining eyes that both belied the pure steel of her strength and determination." Draft has been active in the Atlanta area through the Chris Draft Family Foundation, which is dedicated to helping families adopt a healthier lifestyle. "My heart goes out to Chris Draft, so sorry for your loss," tweeted hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. Funeral services are scheduled for Saturday in Williamston, S.C. Draft played 12 seasons in the NFL with six teams, including a five-year stint with the Falcons from 2000-04. http://msn.foxsports...wedding-123011/
  8. I have no issues with Tebow's faith nor his game. The fantasy football geeks who think that the only way that a QB can be successful is by throwing for 300 + yards a game are the haters. Tebow's not spectacular but he's effective. You can't argue with a 6-1 record in seven starts, I don't care who you are.
  9. Hammer meet nail. Ratigan sums up in this four minute rant what is destroying this country as we speak. Get private money out of public elections and you get the smaller government conservatives crave and the responsive government liberals want. That is all.
  10. Not bad. She does look a little young though. I hope nothing bad happens to her.
  11. Completely restricting all private money from all public elections will clean a lot of this mess up.
  12. At first, this was a liberal media plot to destroy a black conservative. Now Cain and his campaign manager seems to think that Rick Perry's campaign is to blame for leaking the story and goes on Faux News to demand an apology. Too funny! http://www.huffingto..._n_1072763.html Also, a third complaint against Cain arises. http://news.yahoo.co...-195748722.html
  13. Great post. This is a perfect example of why we should limit if not outright ban the amount of private money in public elections. Public office should not be for sale, especially the judiciary.
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