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  1. Dang, even Osama knows how many states there are and the difference between 12 people and 10,000. Who's dumber, the people voting for the clown or the clown himself?
  2. We'd look like Fresno St...and that's not a good thing
  3. When I was elementary/middle school, my best friend was a Florida fan and we would always bet. If Florida won, I'd have to wear a Florida tie to church the next morning and if UGA won, he would wear a UGA tie. Luckily for me, we made the bets in the late 80s when we were around 10 yrs old. I never had to wear a UF tie thank goodness.
  4. Penn Wagers is a JOKE. How he has a job is beyond me. "END ZONE" It was like that ALL GAME LONG. How can those refs not see that he was offsides? Even the announcers get it. Urban on the sidelines screaming at the refs, pointing at his ear, and saying his playa couldn't hear the whistle. Hey dummy, Stafford's knee was DOWN. That was just a blatant cheap shot on the nation's best pro style QB. They can talk about the celebration all they want, but Florida had 3 1/2 quarters to do something about it last year. They just weren't good enough to do it. I'm glad this cheap shot clip will be shown to our players this week. What's funny is their fans and players call UGA classless...
  5. The crime of crimes: Partial-birth abortion illustrated Quote: Obama voted in 1997 to allow partial birth abortion Illinois SB 230 (1997)... The following color illustrations of a partial-birth abortion we're prepared on the basis of an instructional paper by an Ohio abortionist, explaining step by step how he performs the abortion. Link to the video: http://www.catholic.org/video/?v=1493 Obama response to supreme court decision Quote: (BUSINESS WIRE)--Senator Barack Obama today made the following statement in response to the U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding abortion. “I strongly disagree with today’s Supreme Court ruling, which dramatically departs from previous precedents safeguarding the health of pregnant women. As Justice Ginsburg emphasized in her dissenting opinion, this ruling signals an alarming willingness on the part of the conservative majority to disregard its prior rulings respecting a woman’s medical concerns and the very personal decisions between a doctor and patient. I am extremely concerned that this ruling will embolden state legislatures to enact further measures to restrict a woman's right to choose, and that the conservative Supreme Court justices will look for other opportunities to erode Roe v. Wade, which is established federal law and a matter of equal rights for women.”[businesswire.com] That was Obama's statement after the U.S. Supreme Court on 4-18-07 ruled the Federal Partial-birth Abortion Ban constitutional. Obama voted against that bill also. He said it will "erode" Roe vs. Wade. Way off, since it only regards late-term abortion and has nothing to do whatsoever with the vast number of abortions, approximately 95%, that are done in the first two trimesters. A late-term bill cannot possibly effect any common abortions. It just doesn't make sense. But Obama doesn't miss an opportunity, when talking about any type of abortion, to raise the fame and popularity of Roe-Wade, knowing that most people will accept his argument wholesale out of fear not truth. Here's more info on the procedure itself: House Oks ban on late-term abortion By Robert Toner, New York Times Thursday, 6-5-03 Quote: The House overwhelmingly approved legislation Wednesday night to outlaw what abortion opponents call "partial birth" abortion...President Bush...has promised repeatedly to sign it... The procedure...is medically known as intact dilation and evacuation... Abortion rights groups and many doctors assert that the legislation passed Wednesday could affect several procedures that are sometimes necessary to preserve the health and fertility of the woman... The state's late-term abortion law...[requires] two doctors, without financial or legal ties, to conclude that if the pregnancy continues, the mother will die or face "substantial and irreversible" harm to "a major bodily function," which has been interpreted to include mental health. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/articl...5/MN225827.DTL That means, before it became illegal, women with a late-term pregnancy, who had changed their minds about it but weren't really in danger of serious health effects from it, could under this law get an abortion by merely convincing a doctor that they would become depressed, anxious, etc, without it; whether or not that was really true. Or they could get it also by simply raising concerns about their fertility. For such selfish reasons as that, they would have a full-grown or nearly full-grown child be killed!
  6. You're wrong about the first sentence. Here is a summary from the state of Illinois Born-alive bill (SB 1661) of the 92nd General Assembly that has been our focus so far and that Obama voted against: Quote: Findings and intent.The General Assembly finds that all children who are born alive are entitled to equal protection under the law regardless of circumstances surrounding the birth. Children who are born alive as the result of an induced labor abortion or any other abortion are in special need of protection due to the fact that the intent of their birth is to cause the death of the born child. Therefore, it is the intent of the General Assembly to protect a child who is born alive as the result of an induced labor abortion or any other abortion and to ensure that the child receives all medical care necessary to preserve and protect the life, health, and safety of the child. http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/legi...0SB1661LV.html Here are also other bills Obama opposed in Illinois that would have protected babies at birth in other circumstances: Quote: Keyes, who opposes abortion in all cases, said in a Sept. 7, 2004 news conference that Jesus Christ would not vote for Obama because of votes that Obama, a member of the Illinois Senate Judiciary committee and a lecturer in constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School, cast in in 2001 against anti-abortion legislation (a package of three bills: SB1093, SB1094, SB1095) sponsored by Republican State Senator Patrick O'Malley, that Obama argued was too broad and was unconstitutional. The anti-abortion legislation, which also included legal rights for fetuses who survive an abortion and are born alive. [en.wikipedia.org] The state summary of SB 193 [92nd]: Quote: Amends the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975. Provides that no abortion procedure that, in the medical judgment of the attending physician, has a reasonable likelihood of resulting in a live born child shall be undertaken unless there is in attendance a physician other than the physician performing or inducing the abortion who shall address the child's viability and provide medical care for the child. Provides that a physician inducing an abortion that results in a live born child shall provide for the soonest practicable attendance of a physician other than the physician performing or inducing the abortion to immediately assess the child's viability and provide medical care for the child. Provides that a live child born as a result of an abortion shall be fully recognized as a human person and that all reasonable measures consistent with good medical practice shall be taken to preserve the life and health of the child. Effective immediately. http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/legi...920SB1093.html SB 1095: Quote: Amends the Statute on Statutes. Defines "born-alive infant" to include every infant memberof the species homo sapiens who is born alive at any stage of development. Defines "born alive" to mean the complete expulsion or extraction from the mother of an infant, at any stage of development, who after that expulsion or extraction breathe or has a beating heart, pulsation of the umbilical cord, or definite movement of voluntary muscles, regardless of whether the umbilical cord has been cut and regardless of whether the expulsion or extraction occurs as a result of natural or induced labor, cesarean section, or induced abortion. Effective immediately. http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/legi...920SB1095.html
  7. Barack is all for it. He even said if the child lives through a botched abortion attempt and is born alive, then the doctors must deny that child of protection and medical treatment to help them survive. He voted against the Born-alive Infants Protection Act. How could anyone do that?
  8. I think that's why Trev was fired from ESPN...because he spoke well about the DAWGS. That's not allowed up there.
  9. Agree 100%. There is a huge difference between spanking and abuse. When I got in trouble as a kid for something, it was the LAST time I did that certain thing after a spanking. Kids now sit in TO for five minutes, then get up and do the same exact thing. It's worth it to them if all they have to do is sit for 5 minutes. Most parents today are a joke. That's why you have hoodlums in public school doing the things they do, but the parents like to blame the teachers for it. Teachers aren't there to raise your kids, that's the parents job.
  10. It's funny to hear the media lovefest for uf in this game. UGA has the best passer, RB, and WR in the entire conference and the #1 offense...but you would never know it listening to/watching ESPN. I don't know who's going to win, but there will be a ton of points scored. Our schedule has been obviously tougher and we've had more injuries.
  11. I agree, but don't bring facts or logic into a tree huggin' hippie's thread. They don't comprehend either one.
  12. If Ark had a QB, they wouldn't be handing the ball off so much. Who's Ark backup RB...I'm sure he's not as good as Caleb or getting the carries that Caleb has.
  13. Speaking of frat boys, we may have to suit up some UGA frat boys to play for us on Saturday. Too many injuries on this team.
  14. Bandwagon I've been going to games since I was 6. I've got autographs from over 50 current and former players, including autographed official jerseys of Stafford, Moreno, and a limited edition Herschel Walker Autographed Jersey, #'d out of 34. I've met Coach Richt 3 times. I've been to a ton of away games, including Aub '92, Aub '94, Aub '96 (5 OT game), Aub '98, Aub '00, Aub '02 (Greene to Johnson), SCU '02, SCU '04, SCU '06, UT '97, UT '99, UT '01 (Hobnail Boot), UT '03, GT '97, GT '01, GT '03, Bama '02, Clem '02, Vandy '01, and nine different Cocktail Parties. I've also been to four bowl games, including the Sugar Bowl in 02 with FSU. There is no telling how many home games I've been to.
  15. Sorry, but who cares where it was...it was Oregon St for goodness sake.
  16. what a joke. does it come with a free hot dog and coke too?
  17. USuCk being #4 in the AP is a joke. Only they could lose to a 30 pt underdog at home and still get love. No other team in the country would get that. They'll get in, but it won't be because they deserve it.
  18. good grief, will the racist crying ever stop? This is ridiculous.
  19. Car slashin racists! Funny to read how all white people are racists for not voting for B Hussein. I guess the liberal media needs to say the same...black people are racists for not voting for McCain and only voting for B Hussein.
  20. We beat another ranked team by ten, so I'm happy about it. Could we have played better in the red zone? Could we have executed on our 2 missed FGs? Will we have to step it up for the next month? The answer is yes, but I'm happy to be 6-1.
  21. I've seen worse on here get a pass when bashing white people. Racism goes both ways. Back to the crazy lady...Two words = PIMP SLAP
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