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  1. was it Quinns defense that should have run 3 time at the 22 then kick a FG that puts us up 11 point and a Super Bowl win?????
  2. None of the things in February have happened so it this right??
  3. Bottom line we got beat by a team that till today had a -30 something scoring in 4th compared to team they have played. 1 and 10 in field goal range and two straight false starts and we're or out range. 4 & 1 and we try a end run that hasn't worked a darn day! I'm so tired of hearing Quinn is building a D like seahawks crap just build one period!! Those FAST LB got beat like their mamma caught them doing something wrong
  4. But yet when standing on side lines and comes running down on a catch waving his arm like no catch but doesn't challenge that call. Or on their last drive if he hand no called timeout clock runs out and they have a delay of game! Bottme line yes we got screwed but it should have NEVER come down to that one play!!
  5. I have to wonder how the original post would feel if people attacked his family!1 Just not cool attack the player but FAMILY is off limits. But then using is own sig we wins by experience!!
  6. Cap question would you rather have Terrence Moore back???
  7. Shane Ray Three-cone drill: 7.71 seconds Markus Golden 3-cone: 7.38 seconds I guess your using that new math cause last time I checked 7.3 is better then 7.71
  8. The fact that smith was his choice as HC and that he has had 7 years of draft picks & FA signings and has not even close to a SB worth of talent is proof he has to go!!
  9. How is Hageman expensive, he is cheap compared to the two useless so called run stoppers Soliai & Jackson!! 57 million over 5 years and could not stop a car with a red light!!
  10. If you really think Spoon is a quality starter then there is no help to explain anything to you!!!
  11. Have you looked at his D this year we don't need a one year wonder! Who would you like to blame the lack of O-line on. Injuries happen our line did good till the injuries happened! Solid players on d is T.D. fault he has proven he is clueless about signing F.A. by adding T. Jackson & P. Soliai get a good GM and you will see a difference
  12. The problem is the GM. He signs T. Jackson & P. Soliai to a total of 57 million over 5 years and claims they will help stop the run! They could not stop running water by turning it off a the spout!! And this is just another of his FA signings that are a total waste of money!1 Till we get id of T.D we can't get better!!!
  13. Did they say holding on someone on the O line or some where on the O line! But then does it really matter have never heard a holding call without someone being named!!
  14. anyone having problems getting the picks t save?? I missed the Thursday night game so missed tie breakers also and now will not take my picks
  15. I doubt that they would want someone who is negative like you! backed by who's reality yours. SMH
  16. Question why are you here in this post along you are more negative about the falcons ,than any saints fan!! But then maybe your a closet saint's fan. Always good to be reminded why I stay away... negative so called fans like you!!
  17. I'm not being contrary but if you used yahoo mail to send the e-mails that is about as reliable as tiring to use a 3 legged mule to plow. Because neither my wife or I got a notice nor did my brother in law. But My wife and I are back in this year for another ret.
  18. Not sure how in the world anyone makes the statement " Spoon being out hurts," he has not played enough last two years to justify that statement. Jelly is a camp body babs and peters i agree with!!
  19. I'm not sure if he is being sarcastic, if he isn't can we do like we did with Abe & Decoud and let him go!! Dude has a serious problem!!!
  20. Well as the people in the know like to say Freeman has a lot less miles on him. The rest only time will tell!!
  21. Is we.. ain't we?? All I can say is time will tell!! In the mean time I'll wait and see what happens and refuse to try and play the season before it starts!! Woulda Coulda Shoulda. There is such a thing as speed at a position 340 and slow or 320 an fast not pointing at any one person or position speed but it is the GREAT intangible!!
  22. Not no but He** no!! He just isn't worth it!! I'll go on record with his nickname now Jadeveon Clumsy
  23. I can only hope your being sarcastic 2 of his first round picks are Baker and P Jelly!! Enough said!!!
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