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  1. 31-20 Falcons! We go up big early. Brees throws a late score to make it look better in the box score. Game not near as close as it looks on paper.
  2. We are a terrible conservative football team. Better off just doing what we did all game, honestly. But we won and looked good (for the most part) doing it! I’ll take this version of Matt and the offense all day!
  3. Kills me how Snitker will pull a starter who is pitching well but dang it if he won't keep trotting the same guy out night after night to close even when he blows it or makes it close... Jim Johnson and now Viz...
  4. Grew up in a baseball household. Dad never cared for football. The rest of my family were big Georgia Tech fans as we had a couple family members go there and then one played for Tech in the early 80’s. So around the time Joe Hamilton started lighting it up at Tech, I got hooked. That just happened to be around the time the Falcons went to the Super Bowl and something just clicked for me! Been a hardcore fan of both teams ever since! My parents used to ask me how I got into the sport... now my dad may be more passionate about it than I am! RISE UP and GO JACKETS!