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  1. The question is, why does his face look so fat with a helmet on when his face isn't fat normally?
  2. You can delete the thread, but the Internet never forgets
  3. Dude only threw the ball 20 times the entire game. That's literally the least number of attempts allowed to count in record keeping, and it helps to skew the equation's results. But yeah - Falcons suck. Could have used a bunch of OL/DL draftees to build your depth instead of blowing them all on a WR.
  4. Just when I think the Refs can't screw with my team any more, I watch some other team get jobbed. This has been a terrible year for officiating.
  5. Well, you have two weeks to try to fix it. Let's make it interesting this time.
  6. Sounds like you had the situation well in hand. I probably wouldn't have done anything either though, unless you were asking for/needed help. Wish I could have seen it, I hate obnoxious fans. Guy got what he deserved.
  7. Yeah, also Manning's 49 TD season and Brady's 50 TD record. Those hacks couldn't have done this in 1984, so it shouldn't count.
  8. Football is a game, Mike Smith is a person. Anyone who can't distinguish between the two has serious issues. I hope your coach takes this as a warning and seeks appropriate preventative measures to ensure he doesn't invoke an aneurysm, stroke or heart attack when you guys fail to make it into or past the Wild Card round of the playoffs.
  9. Don't forget 1 straight game of playing awesome
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