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  1. not being funny I just don't keep up like most of you posters. where would he fit?? Knowing they will mostly likely keep only 9/10 ie who would he surplant as #5 DE? Beasley Means Cominsky T-Mariner Crawford Senat Hageman Zimmer Jarrett Davison Bennett McKinley Clayborn Odom Larkin We know Beasley, McKinley, Clayborn are mostly safe. Cominsky is a 3rd rnd pick so most likely safe----that leaves Means and I think the Falcons are very high on him SOOO where would Allen Bailey fit??? who do you cut? and don't go screaming I got them out of position I already know that
  2. Thompson, 25, has yet to appear in an NFL regular season game, and he was last a member of the Green Bay Packers until the club released him at the end of April. The 6-foot-2, 210-pound safety signed with the New England Patriots as an undrafted free agent coming out of Utah in 2017, and he has also spent time with the Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys. Why is everyone calling him a Patriot? Been with 5 teams in 2 years (ATL makes #6) PRACTICING (no real games) playing out of position SORRY I don't get all this hype
  3. TODAY 77 NOW Carpenter BEST Tyson Clabo--- a fellow Wake Forest Alum maybe not the best but my favorite 77 When season starts 78 right now no one BEST Mike Kenn
  4. Yea 6 years ago I traded up to buy a NEW Ford this year I used the same PROCESS to buy a NEW BMW Way Way to soon to make comparisons
  5. They will only carry 5/6 (because of the 70% thing 70% Campbell Foye Ishmael D Jones Carter Riley 30% Campbell Ishmael D Jones Carter Riley Foye or vv I think the depth is good enough could be better (but then this is always true)
  6. Is it a "vet minium" thing ----he's been around a long time (still good) but what is his min salary now????
  7. OK been mostly gone for 6 weeks 2 new names in this report DT Yarbary RB Tony Brook-Jones who did they replace?????
  8. It could have been improved earlier this off season But now it would be hard to find improvements after end of pre-season cuts ????? Who knows I think I'd rather stay with what we got now and give the youngsters a chance than bring in some "one year left vet" Beasley Means Cominsky T-Mariner Crawford Senat Hageman Zimmer Jarrett Davison Bennett Johnson McKinley Clayborn Odom total of 15 looks pretty good through 3 deep and I don't they keep all 12 of them usually only 9/10 D-linemen DT Yarbarey??? been gone a month who did he replace?? sorry visual learner here have to see it
  9. This "most improved" thing id kind of misleading and meaningless ie consider a card game you have 3 kings and you draw the fourth king you only improve 25 percent Now the next guy has 2 aces and a five he draws a 3rd ace. He has improved 33 percent But which hand would you prefer? Point ---sometimes you do not need to make giant leaps in improvements
  10. 2 OL as expected just not where/when expected 2 CB ditto 2 RB surprise 1 DE expected to see more DL help but lots of vet FAs signed Plus ??? I haven't seen entire list yet No help at LB slightly surprised here
  11. Going to be a small class this year so many pros under contract I think there is only room for about 14/15 to fill out the 90 man roster
  12. RT - Ty Sambrailo / RG - Jamon Brown / Wes Schweitzer C - Alex Mack / LG - James Capenter / LT - Jake Matthews / Matt Gono Isn't Fusco still under contract??? I readily admit I know nothing about these 2--so question --is it possible they will be competing for backup against our current players AND the starting Guards are still in the draft???
  13. Well I would like that idea --except that those rounds do not have much point value attached and it takes a lot of them to equal even a 3rd rounder I'm not sure giving up several 4-7 rnd picks for say a 3 is always a good idea--I might rather have 7 or 8 late picks instead of 1 more 3 rnd pick---it really depends on the condition of the team AND the number of starters vs the number of backup you need
  14. (DRAFT) Means T-Mariner Senat (DRAFT) Zimmer Jarrett Crawford Bennet McKinnely (DRAFT) Just do not see starting the 2019 season with this defensive line also do not see 3 of 9 draft pick going to Dline-- this season ---(well maybe) and yea Beasley is a lot of $$$ BUT note sorry for the depth chart but I;m a visual person I have to see it
  15. correct --otherwise if it were as he indicates the rosters should have as many 7th round players as 1st round players ---- they certainly do not
  16. And God parted the Red Sea----while Moses and Israel were still two days away
  17. correct several talking heads have say that the Falcons are the LEAST needy team this off season
  18. yet most analysis are rating him the #4 overall FA
  19. 1. Jack Crawford good rotational DT --be very hard to replace 6. Justin Zimmer ??? not enough data 2. Steven Means did show some good snaps last season analysis say Quinn high on hum--could be the reason Reed is gone 4. Wes Schweitzer---??? some good--- more bad---right now I rate him above Fusco 3. Ty Sambrailo good backup at Tackle--- be very hard to replace--don't see him as an every day starter 5. Brandon Fusco ????? got to see how he comes back
  20. NOPE I got that channel and was set up to record and watch 4pm came and they are in the 2 qtr of some college BBall game
  21. quetions How many snaps has Beasley taken--- at DE------at OLB? How many snaps has Houston taken---at DE------at OLB? I just think this should be looked at when making comparisons I know Beasley played almost an entire season at OLB and did not get to rush each and every down what about Houston? asking cause I don't know
  22. only thing I see is waiting to get a safety at 7 seems very late to me now ss Neal XXXXXX FS Allen (Kasee) Neasman many say Kasee will be at NB next season
  23. If this draft is heavy at RB that means there will be some good ones available after pre-season cuts
  24. look at it this Way Beasley Means Senat Zimmer Jarrett Crawford Bennett Mckinnely Tuioti- Mariner Proven Some experience little experience
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