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  1. But that's exactly what Smith and TD did in 08 --a lot of FA cast offs from other teams (except Turner)--and even then San Diego did not try to re-sign him Peele, Rader, Hartsdock Frasier, Moorehead, J Jefferson, Fudge, old released falcons re-signed Grady Jackson ,, Gandy Falcon PS--Backups Dahl Clabo That worked to the tune of 11-5 and a playoff berth besides someone has picked up Atl cast offs, Peters, Weatherspoon, Rodgers, Lowery etc this year
  2. We all know this is bologna but I thought it would be fun In a truly random world there would be truly random needs by the 32 teams That means 4 offensive players and 4 defensive players in the top 8. Looking at the Defense you could break it into the (front 7) and the (back 4) Then if truly random there would be 2 (front 7) and 2 (back 4) picks in the top 8. Soo ATL would get the #2 DLINE/LB or the #2 CB/S Ha tooo bad it doesn’t work that way for real of course you can make a similar argument for offense
  3. I kinda disagree there isn't that much difference between the top 4/5 pass rushers I'll use that message board freedom to call them 1 A,B,C,D,E but same is true with RBs there are 3/4 others about as good as Gurley 1 A.B,C,D,E in my book Gordon (A) Gurley( point is if a RB at #8 then Gurley isn't the ONLY answer just as Fowler isn't the ONLY answer at DE/OLB
  4. i really do not want Gurley at #8 or #42 BUT wouldn't it be fun to have Gurlie join the ranks of Brookings. Meyers, Witherspoon, etc
  5. But But can't Wingo and JSmith be "coached up"???? Why can second tier DE/OLB succeed BUT second tier RBs not succeed??? why is rnd 1 RB and rnd 2 DE/OLB good ------BUT rnd 1 DE/OLB and rnd 2 RB bad????
  6. get real -- if all of us just boycotted 1 game at the stadium and on TV think of the impact from just that 1 event just look at the impact a few 1000 had in St Louis recently.(not football related)
  7. Maybe we are each more sensitive to the opposite school--sorry can't remember names but there was a big push for a GIT RB a few years back and wasn't there many poster after a GIT QB the same year as UGA posters were after Schockley?
  8. Maybe weak but true --- and I meant all of us not just you individually The Falcons are a business --if they do not make a profit they are gone where does the profit come from TV commercials and to a lesser extent ticket sales Mr blank has shown he will close a company if it does not make a profit --ie arena football in ATL.
  9. hey I'm a big UGA fan and a big Gurley fan BUT he is NOT the right choice at #8 or #42 (for ATLANTA) AND I've seen the same thing on these boards for GIT players in other years
  10. But the money is coming out of our pockets-- quite buying tickets and see or quite buying the products advertised during the TV commercials and see
  11. If a chef cooks up 10 fine porterhouse stakes You won't take #8 because it's a "leftover" ???????? Well we got more than 10 good DEs in this draft ALSO got more than 10 good RBs Why do you have to have #2???????????????????
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